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Requiem: Chevalier Vampire

A size comparison between Requiem and Torquemada during their battle

Torquemada, grand inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, had much righteous fury in his heart. As a result, and along with other religious zealots, he was reincarnated as a massive werewolf in Dracula's Résurrection. This world of the Vampire King's is backwards according to ours, where vampires are the ruling class and are made up of the most vile scum to ever have walked our moral-guided world. The werewolves, a subservient class to the vampires, are used as weapons to instill terror in the low-class ghouls and entertain the vampires that control them. Torquemada was such a destructive individual that he often attacked at random, thus coming into conflict with the vampire and main character of Chevalier Vampire named Requiem.

Although Requiem managed to defeat Torquemada, Dracula would never have let such an entertaining factor in his regime of terror fade out completely. More than likely, Torquemada is still at large.

Powers & Abilities

Torquemada has inherited most, if not all, of a traditional werewolf's powers in Résurrection. He is extremely strong and agile with sharp claws and fangs, but his most potent weapon is his inexhaustible anger that he often exudes in the form of screaming "Pray!" and "Prey!" almost interchangeably.

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