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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 2813

Sector Partner: Dalor

Homeworld: Xudar

Predecessor: Tomar Re

Successor: Inapplicable


The Road Back

For more information see: The Road Back

When Appa Ali Apsa is kid napping whole cities from his past, Tomar Tu's city is captured. He is one of the Xudarians that venture out and runs into a couple of Earthlings from Hope Springs whom have also been taken. Confused and scared the Earthlings attack Tomar Tu and his fellow explorers. Luckily Hal Jordan is near by and comes to investagate. Reconizing Tomar Tu's race he uses his ring to translate and discovers that the Xudarian city has been captured and placed within walking distance of Hope Springs. After Hal leaves to investigate, Rose Hardin, one of Hal's friends offers to feed and tend to Tomar Tu's wounds.

Later Hal has a plan to escape Appa Ali Apsa's Mosaic World and asks Tomar Tu for help. Tomar Tu's part of the plan is to get as many of his people together and aide Hal later when the Guardians of the Universe arrive to stop Appa Ali Apsa. Tomar Tu's action help save Oa and possably the Universe.

Eclipso- The Darkness Within

For more information see: Eclipso: The Darkness Within

While training with Boodikka, Kreon, Aa and Kilowog, Tomar Tu is there when Amanita notices somethings wrong. So at the suggestion of John Stewart the Green Lanterns fly to earth. Tomar Tu is among the group of Green Lanterns that arrive on earth and try to stop Star Sapphire. When the Eclipso possessed Hal Jordon arrives Tomar Tu is one of the Lanterns who continues to fight Star Sapphire, even up to the point that Eclipso forces Hal and Star to apparently destroy each other.

Green Lantern

Tomar Tu was a respected Green Lantern who attempted to stop the rampage of a Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan. Tomar Tu was beaten and left for dead. He and the other Green Lanterns Hal Jordan defeated and abandoned became known as the Lost Lanterns. Tomar Tu was taken captive by the Manhunters and their Grandmaster, the Cyborg Superman. Tomar escaped and managed to find the newly reformed Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner rescued the other Lost Lanterns.


Tomar Tu was injured during the Sinestro Corps' attack on Oa. He later went with the other Lost Lanterns to Qward to rescue the Ion entity. During the rescue mission, Tomar came face to face with the keeper of the Book of Parallax, Lyssa Drak. The group of Lanterns managed to free the Ion entity. When the Sinestro Corps attacked Earth, Tomar Tu and a regiment of Green Lanterns aided Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner in the battle above Coast City.


Tomar Tu grew angry with the Guardians of the Universe after being told that he could not read the whole Book of Oa. He told them that when his father was a Green Lantern, there were no secrets. Tomar went with the other Lost Lanterns to Ke'Hann's planet to deliver his body to his family. When they discovered that Amon Sur had killed Ke'Hann's family, Laira attacked in rage and slaughtered Amon Sur.

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath

Tomar Tu meets Kyle Rayner at the rubble of Mogo, and when Kyle is attacked by Miri Riam and teleported away, Tomar follows. Tomar is there when Miri tries to unite Kyle and Soranik Natu back together, and it is Tomar who realizes that Miri is trying to trick them into reuniting.

Later back on Oa, Tomar comes to Kyle's aide when he is being attacked by the Alpha Lanterns for being human. Tomar teleports Kyle away and convinces the other Lanterns to response to the distress call instead of fighting among themselves.

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