dark_noldor's Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 - Part One: Black Sun Rising review

Of Future, Past, Nazis and Wedding

The most beloved sci-fi adventure returns in an amazing and fantastic journey throught time and history. Tom Strong must stop his evil son Albrecht from changing the past and turning the whole world dominated by the 4th Reich. In this new tale Tom Strong has the usual help from Pneuman, Solomon, Dhalua, Tesla, and the unusual assistance of his younger self,  Pluto Parulian (Dr. Permafrost) and a lava race men named Salamander to stop Albrecht vile´s plan to bring under his control the Dero robots. This series is very fun, filled with action and good dialogues, despite the fact that it´s all about cliches like time travel, Nazis and underground societys, but Hogan manages to make it creative and interesting. Sprouse´s art is fantastic as always. This is a full plate for entertaining for both fans of Tom Strong and for those who haven´t read the character yet, accessible to all comic readers. Highly recommended.
4 out 5

Posted by Silkcuts

Thank you so much for reviewing this!
I saw it collected in a packed at a comic story I go to, I think I may pic it up, since I am not sure if this will be collected.

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