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Fighting the Axis

Doc Strange developed a serum called alosun, which is a distillate of sun atoms, ingestion of this serum gives him numerous amazing super human abilities. He used these abilities for super-heroics and to fight the Axis in World War II. He did this without a costume in the beginning but, went with a subtle costume of a red T-shirt, blue horse riding pants, black boots and a black belt with a gold buckle with a 'S' on it.

Strange's first ever adventure came about when he fought with some gangster's who kidnapped the father of Virginia Thompson. In the process he was shot and wounded. Injured Strange finds out that the Faceless Phantom was behind the kidnapping and has a deadly delta ray that can seemingly destroy anything.

Back at his lab the scientist Strange develops the the drug that has been a source of his work for a long time. He calls the drug alosun and after drinking it discovers that it can heal his bullet wounds almost immediately. The alosun also gives him superhuman strength.

Mike Ellis

With this new power to resist the delta ray Strange goes after the Phantom and takes set back after set back as the Phantom unleashes traps, causes his to loose his identity through amnesia and even steals the alosun serum. Undaunted Strange invents a gas gun that will dissipate the effects of the alosum. Perhaps making him the only superhero to invent his own weakness. He also invents a new armor to resist the delta ray and gives ten sets to the United States Army. Lastly, he invents a counter to the Phantom's Kalodin that allowed him to disappear in a purple mist.  With these new inventions he sets off with the army to fight the Phantom once more, during his second battle with the Phantom he adds a new ingredient to alosun called X-23 which gives him the ability to fly.

Tom Strange later had a sidekick Mike Ellis. Mike wore the same costume as his mentor but, he never had a superhero name or superpowers. He did however get powers later in his career.


Doc Strange was created for Nedor Comics. Eventually he became one of the many characters to lapse into the public domain.


Tom Strange has super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, cosmic lungs (you can breath in space) and he has a brilliant mind but he isn't a polymath.

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