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Tom Rosetta wears a magic stone that grants him complete invulnerability.


Tom Rosetta was created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. In his Captain Britain epic, Moore had established that a hero-killing machine, the Fury, had slain almost all the superhumans on alternate Earth-238, and later in that storyline he had the sole survivor suffer nightmares depicting part of that pogrom. Needing distinctive but disposable heroes for this flashback, Moore and Davis used homages to superheroes from British publishing giants IPC and DC Thomson. Rosetta was based on the IPC hero Tim Kelly, who wore the magical "Kelly's Eye" to become similarly invulnerable.

Character Development

Tom Rosetta was among the last heroes still alive towards the end of Earth-238's superhuman purge. He gathered with fellow survivors for mutual protection, but their hideout was located and attacked by the Fury. Tom tried to fight it, but it had developed an attack capable of overwhelming his normal invulnerability, and burned him to death.

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