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Anti-hero Tom Noir had felt that the human five senses were simply not enough. He and his genius friends co-founded The Seven Guns which used science to create enhancements. Once he received his enhancements, his plan to fight crime was less global than what the United States soon expected of the team. Tom wanted to take down corrupt cops, bust gangs and drug wars and put an end to illegal surveillance. The American government however expected them to address national and global crimes first.

Tom's girlfriend Laura Torch was a member of The Seven Guns but readers are told she was killed in combat in January 2005 in Oakland, CA. In that same incident Tom lost part of his left leg below the knee and quit being a superhero. His enhancements haven't been used in a year by the timeline of Issue #0 of Black Summer. 

Trouble begins

 Getting back into gear.

Tom had not seen any of his former friends in years, and on his 30th birthday, his long time friend John Horus killed the president of the United States. This sent the nation into a frenzy, on top of that a long time friend of his;(Frank) that was thought to be dead, returned he informed Tom that the bomb that went off in L.A was supposed to injure his girlfriend and kill him. Frank informed him that since the John Horus incident that he had to kill him. Frank departed and sent his enhanced sidekick Vince in to kill Tom, however Tom managed to kill Vince. Tom then messages into Zoe (A long time friend) and tells her to pick him up, she comes to the apartment and picks apart the scene then calls into Angel one to retrieve Tom. Meanwhile Dominic appears on TV trying to take the heat off the Seven Guns, but a group of Military officers fires on Kathrn Artemis, and she fired back slaughtering them all. Then a group of helicopters fire on Angel One and Tom, and they destroyed the copters and the men flying.After arguing with Dominic Hyde, he agree's to be on board with the team and is given a prosthetic leg, Dawning his old uniform he goes to turn himself into the authorities; however he gets fired upon and is thought to be killed. Later it was found out that he survived and went to visit his girlfriend's grave, where John Horus and Frank Blacksmith just so happen to meet. There he killed them both and his self, leaving the world in the hands of Artemis, Angel one and Joe.

Tom's power's include a supercortex, allowing him perception and manipulation of electronic signals, access to the internet and other databases (as shown in issue 3, where he apparently takes control of a nearby tank, and blocks John Horus from the Seven Guns database) and extra-sensory perception. Tom's powers also include sonar imaging on "a sliding level", allowing him to see through outer layers of clothing with deilicacy, or walls and bodies if neccessary. This power is extremely useful and deadly if used in conjunction with his Gun, the pistol "Inquiry". Using surgical precision tungsten penetrator rounds, Inquiry will, apparently, shoot through a tank.

Tom's costume appears synonymous to John Horus', and remarkable similar to Midnighter's, from Ellis' previous work The Authority. Black all over, and a helmet with what appears to be a glass top, Tom's costume is the darkest of the group.

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