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This military, with the rank of captain, is a respectable man with good values. He knows Joan Wayne for a long time, he has collaborated in several missions over the years. They have even become friends.

Since Joan was forced to take the dangerous compound V-45 (courtesy of Black Commando) and her personality has changed radically (she is called Rad since that time), Tom Kelly tries to understand what's happening. He has already tried to talk to Rad but she has broken his jaw with a solid left that sent him 10 feet into the air. 
After a few weeks, it seemed clear for the government that Joan Wayne will not return. They needed to replace her and Tom was commissioned to convince the daughter of Joan, Jennifer, to be the new Ms. Victory. Why Jennifer Wayne-Burke? It must be remembered that vitamin which gave powers to Joan Wayne for all these years, the V-47, would run only on herself. It was assumed that the same vitamin may also work in the body of Jennifer because she is her biological daughter. 
So Tom went to the Wayne-Burke home to meet Jennifer and her husband. Before telling her exactly the reason for his visit, he revealed in detail the double identity of her mother. Jennifer never knew that Joan and Ms. Victory was the same person. She was therefore believed incorrectly that her mother was not living her life, that she was always in her laboratory, she never made fun outings... 
After the Captain testimonial, Jennifer has clearly signified that she had no intention of accepting to become the next Ms. Victory. She sees what happens to his mother now and she does not want to experience this, having this kind of life. Tom Kelly had to leave the house without satisfaction. Jennifer was very angry, then sad. 
When FemForce (under the control of Alizarin Crimson) were destroying the headquarters of Fremont Industry (T.C.Fremont's property) in Orlando, Tom Kelly has called Jennifer to ask her opening her TV and see what happens Live. He may have hoped convince her to change her mind. Vainly.

Captain Kelly escorted
Some time later, he learns that the government decides to erradicate Rad, even if they must kill her. She's malicious, self-centered, she has in her possession several State secrets and especially she is extremely physically strong, clever and powerful. Tom doesn't agree with them but  his opinion isn't considerated. The government will proceed as they want.
Angry, wanting to protect Joan, he called (anonymously) the headquarters of FemForce to inform them of government's intentions in respect of Rad. He hoped that the FemForce team can stop Rad before them. 

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