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Given the nature of the parade, and Rutland's mystical connections, Fagan would frequently interact with many super-heroes. Based on a real life writer, Tom Fagan (1932-2008) a writer that began organizing the annual Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont taking on a super-hero theme in the 1970's. The parade achieved a degree of fame when it was used as the setting of a number of superhero comic books, in titles published by industry rivals DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Tom Fagan was himself featured as a character in a number of these stories, usually depicted as an acquaintance of the title characters. In the fall of 1972, writers Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway, and Len Wein crafted a loose three-part story spanning titles from both companies in the first unofficial Marvel and DC cross over. Each comic featured Englehart, Conway, and Wein (and Wein's first wife Glynis) interacting with Fagan and Marvel or DC villains (and heroes). Beginning in Amazing Adventures #16 continued in Justice League of America #103 and in the third part of the unofficial crossover Thor #207 all happening on the same night.

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