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Tom Cooze never expected to be a porn star. He was "discovered" in a men's room by the director of several well-received films, and the man thought that Tom would be perfect for his next project. And that's how it started.

He had a good career and starred in a number of projects, but his rise to fame was cut short by a horrible vibrator accident on the set of Cock-Butter 4. He dropped a large, AC-powered motorized dildo into a hot tub, killing the two actresses inside.

The producer of the film lost a lot of money due to the accident, and sent a man to rough Cooze up. "Southpaw Nelson," a 3'11" hitman with a wicked left hook beat on Cooze for several hours.

It also seems that, in the process of leaving the project, Cooze stole half a million dollars from the producer. Bob Glover and Freddy Allen, Sexual Investigators, were hired to hunt Cooze down. They believe he's somewhere in the vicinity of Philadelphia.

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