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Henry Hewitt, a rich businessman, decided to rejuvenate himself by recreating the nuclear accident that created Firestorm. To that end, he kidnapped and brainwashed Lorraine Reilly, daughter of Senator Walter Reilly, and performed a test run of the explosive nuclear accident on her. Thus he created Firehawk, whom he sent to destroy Firestorm. After he was sure that the test was successful, he performed the nuclear explosion on himself. He thus went from being a quadriplegic invalid to becoming one of Firestorm’s most formidable and haunting foes, Tokamak, the Living Nuclear Reactor.

Eventually defeated and seemingly killed by Firestorm, Hewitt and his Tokamak identity fell into obscurity for years, appearing only in flashbacks and group shots of Firestorm's rogues gallery. It was revealed in the “In My Father’s House” arc in the most recent Firestorm series that Hewitt had actually undertaken extreme measures before his death to insure that his legacy would continue. He made many and varied clones of himself, chief among them his “son,” Victor Hewitt. Victor is an outwardly Vietnamese-American man who inherited the business empire - as well as all the evil will and powers - of his “father.” He was responsible for many of the major mishaps and villains encountered by Jason Rusch throughout Stuart Moore’s run as writer on the series, which culminated in an all-out battle between Tokamak, his dollies, Firestorm, Gehenna, and Firehawk.

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