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50 years before the present day Elder Toguro was drawn into the Dark Tournament alongside Genkai and his brother Younger Toguro after the Tournament Committee had his brother's students murdered. The wild card Team Toguro eventually came out the victors, but Elder and Younger Toguro used their prize to be turned into demons. Elder Toguro then gained the ability of near instant regeneration, shape shifting, and longevity. The two then became demonic mercenaries, working for the highest bidder and eventually coming to work Sakyo. In the present day he,his brother and the Apparition Gang were bought by crime boss Tarukane to ensure his prisoner the captured Yukina, would continue to cry and produce diamonds for their employer. The two brothers were then drawn into a battle with her rescuers Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi and his friend Kazuma Kuwabara,in a battle which the Elder Toguro shapeshifted into weapons for his younger sibling. After the battle ends in the presumed death of the Toguros, they rise after the Black Black Club end transmission revealing to Tarukane their true allegiance lies with Sakyo,who had them fake their loss to gain Tarukane's fortune. They then kill Tarukane, and Younger Toguro delivers the invitation for Yusuke and his friends to attend the Dark Tournament as the Tournament's wildcard.

Elder Toguro's first battle is against Team Gorenja in the Semi-Finals, during which he battles the three surviving team members at once. He quickly kills them by utilizing his stretching, and enjoys playing a mind game with the team. He then fought Kuwabara in the final round, during which he dominated their fight. However he eventually loses when Kuwabara utilizes the Trial Sword,to shape his Spirit Energy to completely squash his opponent.Kuwabara is then declared the victor, and all presume Elder Toguro to now be deceased, however before the start of the final match between Younger Toguro and Yusuke Urameshi he revives in the ring's center. He reveals he had liquefied before his vital organs could be crushed, and offers to act as weapons for his brother in their final battle. However because of his harsh words about the late Genkai, Younger Toguro sends him flying with a mighty kick off Hanging Neck Island.He is later found following the end of the Tournament by Sensui,who brings him back with him for use in his plan. As little more then a head he is kept by Sensui in a tank filled with water while he regenerates but upon the orders of Sensui, he is eaten by the Sensui Seven member Gourmet.However after being eaten he managed to take possession of Gourmet's body and his powers and ate the telepathy Mutora gaining his telepathy, and later participating in the kidnapping of Kuwabara for Sensui's plan. As Gourment he is the first line of defense to stop the heroes from freeing Kuwabara, during which he uses his telepathy to read Kurama's mind angering him. He then squares off with Kurama,who promptly decapitates him with his Rose Whip who realized Gourment was in fact Toguro.He then used the Sinning Tree to immobilize Elder Toguro, leaving him in a constant halucogenic state for all of eternity with no chance to escape.

Powers and Abilities

Following his teams win during the Dark Tournament 50 years ago, Elder Toguro utilized his wish to become a demon. After becoming a demon he gained the ability to manipulate his body for a variety of effects,including shapeshifting into various weapons, stretching and massive regeneration. He was also unable to be killed, as he was able to shift his vital organs to any spot on his body, unless they were all destroyed at once. Following the second Dark Tournament, he was rescued by Shinobu Sensui, who fed the still heavily damaged Toguro to Gourmet effectively allowing him to gain Gourmet's body and his power to gain others powers including telepathy gained by devouring one of the psychics. After this he revealed that he was now unable to be killed, as his regeneration had increased.

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