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General Toda Buichi was a trusted leader in Lord Mifune's Army. For reasons that have not been explained, he turned traitor during the battle of Adachigahara. At a crucial moment in the battle, when Lord Mifune was sure to win, Toda directed his troops against Mifune, resulting in a victory for Lord Hikiji, and the death of his former Lord.

Toda the Goblin vs Usagi

He was expecting a reward for his treachery, but Toda did not receive one. Hijiki, does not suffer disloyality, even when it favors his own aims. Instead of a reward, Toda was beaten, denied the opertunity to commit seppuku, and cast out. He and his wife sought refuge in the mountains, settling in an abandoned hut.

Toda, due to his shame and remorse was eventually transformed into a goblin. As a goblin he preyed on unwary travelers, feasting on their flesh. Eventually he encounters Miyamoto Usagi, and is slain.


  • The Goblin of Adachigahara (Plot Summary)
  • Samurai Part VIII
  • The Battle of Adachigahara Plain (Return to Adachigahara Plain)

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