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Brief History

Toby with his favorite comics
Toby was a young boy, 13 years of age in a typical home, with an ordinary life. He lived with his mother, and only saw his divorced dad Jerry every weekend. His dad was an unemployed artist, but Toby had a great affection with his father. They bought comics together and he helped him go trough some rough times after the divorce. Toby and his best friend played outside a lot, playing superheroes near the forests of a strange abandoned mansion that used to be Clyde Wyncham's house, one of his father Jerry's childhood-friends whom had seemingly disappeared when Jerry and Clyde where young. However, the ordinary life Toby led would soon become something right out of fantasy. Every time the boys played at the mansion, they saw strange figures walking around, one of them even offering Toby and his buddy a lot of very old and expensive comics. What was even more strange, these figures looked an awful lot like villains who appeared in his favorite Marvel Comics. Also, on the news, sightings of strange creatures began to appear. Toby and his dad seemed to be the only ones to understand that these sightings where not just strange creatures, but Marvel villains such as Stilt Man, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Doctor Doom and the Vulture! 

It was revealed that the villains had made a portal through Clyde Wyncham (whom turned out to be alive but disturbed, as well as the only mutant in their reality), through witch the villains had managed to get into this reality and escaped their heroes-filled universe. The villains eventually took a stand and tried to destroy everything in their sight. Toby and Jerry however managed to come up with a plan. Toby traveled through the portal that brought all the super-villains to their reality, but this time, Toby warned the superheroes about the villains' plans. The superheroes came to the 'real' earth and managed to put a stop to the villains, but at the seeming cost of Toby's father's life. This was however not the end for Jerry, since Toby learned that instead of truly dying, his father had joined the Marvel heroes and went back to their 'universe', where he now happily lives among the marvels.

Toby has not been seen since the mini-series.

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