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Invented by scientist Oliver (no last name ever revealed) who based it’s personality on himself, Tobor is built from super hard alloy of titanium carbide, has mechanical eyes capable of seeing into the infra-red part of the spectrum, turbo boosters that enable it to run as super seeds and make great leaps, and is possessed not only with artificial intelligence but also artificial telepathy and ESP. Tobor’s body is also capable of releasing waves of magnetic force and recharging itself via sunlight.

About to reveal his creation to the world Oliver is killed by unknown enemies, however not before he can activate Tobor who flees to the Philippines where with the help of Marianne, Oliver's fiancée and fellow scientist, he becomes a hero.     


Created by Berth Brucal and Al Cabral the series is notable for more than a touch of Plagiarism containing as it does copies of Marvel villains Guardian and the Ani-Men from Daredevil and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

All done in the spirit of fan love I’m sure.    

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