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Tobias Esque is a vampire living in New York who spends time reminiscing on his past a lot. He was bitten as a Sex Pistols concert int he 70's and since then has done little with his life but feed and stay out of the way..


 Esque, Killer.

Tobias Esque has his origins in the the artistic works of J.M. Linsner where he appeared as one off drawings that gave the character his basic shape.

Those images informed the look of a character that has developed in spurts as his story has been revealed. His first appearance in character was in the pages of Linsner's breakout anthology series Cry for Dawn

His short stories are usually black and white and follow him on one of his stalks for a victim and their blood.


Character Evolution

 Tobias Esque 

His very fits and starts story flows a non-romantic view of the life of a vampire. Being only 30 years or so undead his rotted features and poor complexion give him an much more aged look than either his physical years or age at death would imply.

He is something at odds with the cuddly vampires that became popular in the 2000's where their vamprism focuses on the good sides of being undead (never aging, beauty, powerful body, mental ability, flying, etc).

Esque his never beens seen flying (apart from in his blood induced dreams), needs a knife to cut his victim to easily drink their blood and spends a lot of time skulking unseen to avoid detection. He picks a lot of his victims while they are using public bathrooms as they are good places to hunt without being seen.

Major Story Arcs 

Vamipre's Christmas

Esque takes a walk through a Christmas Eve Manhattan looking for a lonely victim to suck dry and doesnt have much luck about it. He spends time searching for his Blood Angel. A winged woman who haunts his dreams when he is sated on fresh blood.

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