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The Birth of Evil

After Obito's initial "death" it is learn that in fact he was not killed by the boulders. Madara replaces the destroyed half of Obito's body with White Zetsu. Madara then starts to lectures Obito on about how to world is evil and creates nothing but hate. Obito not caring attempts to leave the underground cave but is too weak .

Obito begins to train his body to become strong enough to leave the cave. After time passes Obito gets an alert from one of the Zetsu that Kakashi and Rin had been ambushed by a group of Cloud ninja. Obito then rushes to the wall and punches it in an attempt to get out but his Zestu arm breaks off. Then one of the Spiral patterned Zetsu agree to help encasing his body over Obito's. He then heads out to the battlefield.

Obito makes his way through the forest and towards the battlefield. Hoping that Kakashi was going to be able to keep Rin safe. Saying that with both of them there was nothing that could stop them. But as Obito gets to the field. The smoke clears and shows Kakashi killing Rin via chidori. This causes Obito and Kakashi to awaken their mangekyou sharingan. Kakashi then passes out and Obito goes on a rampage.

The End Result

Obito then rushes towards the Mist Ninja killing all of them, declaring that he was in hell. After he is done with the rampage he goes over to Rin's and holds her in his arms. He then promises that he will create a world where she is still alive.

Obito then returns to Madara to learn the details of The Moon's Eye Plan. Madara first starts with the Sage of the Six Paths. After all the planning is over Madara tells Obito that the one to revive him will be Nagato. Then sends him off . Before Madara dies he says that from here on out Obito's new name will be.....


His First Appearance.

The Good Boy

Tobi first appeared directly after Sasori's death, where he was found by Zetsu flipping Sasori's ring like a coin asking if he could join now. Being Zetsu's subordinate, the two sides of Zetsu's personalities argued with each other but Tobi was ultimately allowed to join Akatsuki when one side of Zetsu said "we can let him in, Tobi is a good boy."He then accompanied Zetsu in the hunt for Deidara's ring, though both were surprised to find Deidara alive. Tobi and Deidara began speaking to eachother, but the conversation ended after Tobi made one joke too many and Deidara began to strangle Tobi with his legs, due to him being armless.


Odd Pairing

Tobi would become Deidara's new partner, whom Tobi referred to as "senpai" (Japanese: a senior at work or school, a superior, an elder). The two set out to capture the Three-Tailed demon. At the battle, Tobi ran away from the beast as it started chasing him, giving Deidara the opportunity to send one of his explosives at the great beast. Although the fight went unseen, Tobi was proud of himself for beating the Three-Tailed demon with his Jutsu and was seeking Deidara's approval. Deidara tried to explain to Tobi that it was a combind affort, but would later excuse their easy victory over the beast claiming that it was too stupid to use it's own power. When Tobi remained silent, Deidara thought he was taking what he said too seriously, until a snore escaped Tobi's mouth... Deidara proceeded to awake Tobi with a bomb to the face.

Little Helper

Tobi and Deidara then set out to hunt down either Sasuke or Naruto, and Deidara found Sasuke first. Tobi distracted Sasuke while Deidara tried to blow Sasuke up, this failed first Sasuke attacked but Deidara jumped out of the way and Tobi was sliced in half across the midsection, but Tobi simply rose back up without a mark anywhere on his person and tried to convince Deidara that he shouldn't fight Sasuke, advice which Deidara ignored. During the battle Tobi would try to assist Deidara, placing Deidara's bombs in specific areas and even tried to trick Sasuke. Although whenever it appeared that Deidara had been killed, Tobi would begin mourning, only for Deidara to reappear and tell him to shut up. Deidara, after getting increasingly frustrated with Sasuke, told Tobi to run, and Tobi, knowing the attack Deidara was about to use, fled. He later explained that the attack sent microscopic bombs into the Air, and would destroy whatever inhaled them from the inside.


After Deidara used his final jutsu and self-destructed, Tobi was announced dead even though Zetsu couldn't find his body. Pein stated that Deidara was special but Tobi was easily replaceable, Kisame however said he'd miss Tobi since he made Akatsuki not so gloomy. Pein and Konan would later be seen meeting with a mysterious individual giving them orders, this shadowed figure would be revealed as Tobi and he had a Sharingan

visible from the eye hole in his mask. He'd later been seen sitting on top of the statue of Madara Uchiha outside of Konoha, wondering if Sasuke would remain a snake or shed his scales and become a hawk.

Recently Tobi has wandered into the Konoha eight-man team ( Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sai, Yamato, Kakashi, Kiba w/ Akamaru, and Shino). Naruto attacked Tobi knowing he's from Akatuski with his Rasengan. At first it seemed like Naruto made the hit, but in the end Naruto and the Rasengan faded through Tobi like he was a ghost. Kakashi commented that Tobi is just playing with them. Naruto attacked Tobi once more but with a frontal attack, Tobi kicked Naruto in the stomach only to find out it was a clone, then he hit the real Naruto in the face, sending Naruto zooming into a lake behind Naruto's teammates. Calling the ninjas "Leaf Peoples."

Playing Games

Tobi ran around avoiding all of the team's attacks, irritating and baffling them. Shino used his Destruction Bugs for a wide-area assault, wanting to figure exactly how Tobi was escaping their attacks. Tobi tried to avoid the bugs but they swarmed around him and started feasting on his chakra. Yamato used his Mokuton to attack, but Tobi disappeared. The team started to think that he can make himself "cease to exist." Kakashi speculated that however Tobi's doing it, that his time/space skills are greater than even Yondaime's. Tobi would then appear behind them, wanting their attention. Kiba tried to attack using his Fang Over Fang technique, but Tobi hopped to the side. Kiba believed that he went through him again, but the others told him that he missed. Zetsu then appeared beside Tobi and told him that Sasuke killed Itachi, stunning the Leaf ninjas. Tobi said "Whoa! Didn't see that coming! ...NOT! Just as I predicted." Zetsu also told Tobi that Sasuke might be dying so they started to head towards Sasuke. As Tobi was leaving, Kakashi got a glimpse of Tobi's Sharingan.

Tobi showed up where Sasuke and Itachi were before Zetsu, and commented that Zetsu was too slow, of which Zetsu angrily responded that he can't move as fast as Tobi can. Tobi then asked if he recorded everything and Zetsu said yes. Tobi then says that they have to hurry and get Itachi's corpse and Sasuke out of there.


Great Old One

Sasuke then awakens in a darkened bedroom. Tobi first speaks and informs Sasuke that he won, but shouldn't be so careless about his life. He then stepped out of the shadows and tells him that that they met before, but he isn't his enemy. Tobi then starts to take off his mask, stating that he's also a surviving Uchiha. At this point, Sasuke's eye turns into the Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu starts to engulf Tobi, he falls

back into the shadows screaming. Sasuke is baffled as to what happened, but Tobi steps out of the shadows saying that Itachi gave him his Mangekyou Sharingan, possibly as a last ditch effort to kill him or to keep him away from Sasuke. Tobi makes a joke saying that it could be called a fail-safe, but Itachi only got as far as "fail." He then tells Sasuke that he was the one that helped Itachi destroy the Uchiha clan, and called himself Madara Uchiha and said that he's going to tell Sasuke about Itachi.

Tobi said that the only people that knew the truth about Itachi were The Third Hokage, Danzo, and the elders Homura and Koharu. There's no way they'd ever speak about it, and the truth about Itachi would fade away just as he planned. But what Itachi didn't know is that he knew too, but Itachi didn't trust him and tried to keep his mouth shut with Amaterasu. Sasuke started having a panic attack and Tobi tried to hold his head up and told him to breathe, but Sasuke swatted his hand away and blacked out. When Sasuke woke up, he found that he was tied up. Tobi apologized and said that he had to, and told him that Itachi was ordered to kill the Uchiha clan by Konoha. Tobi said that there was a big problem since Konoha was formed at that to realize what happened he'd have to tell the story from the beginning, roughly 80 years ago. Tobi explained that life was a battlefield back then and his battles led to conflict with the Senju clan and he eventually faced their leader, Hashirama Senju, a man Madara admired most.

Historic Legends

Hashirama was respected and feared as the most powerful, and only the Uchiha clan were powerful enough to compete against the Senju, so when ever one side hired the Senju the other hired the Uchiha. Madara himself became infamous due to their battles, and that's when Sasuke interjected, asking if he took his brother's eyes for fame, but Tobi declined saying that he did it to protect his clan. The more revered they became, the more sought to conquer them and his brother offered his eyes to him. But shortly after, the Senju clan asked for a truce with the Uchiha. Madara was skeptical though, after so much hate and bloodshed he didn't believe their declaration of peace was sincere and that they'd wipe out the Uchiha one day, but his clan wanted it and so he reluctantly agreed. Soon after they made a deal with the Land of Fire and the system of one country and one ninja village was created and quickly adapted by the other countries, as a result the world became rather peaceful.

Master of the Nine-Tails

But a new problem arose, the position of Hokage. The Land of Fire and the village all chose Hashirama. Madara was worried about the status of the Uchiha clan with their once greatest enemies in control so he decided to oppose Hashirama for the position, but even the Uchiha clan turned their backs on Madara. He decided to leave the village, but returned with the Kyuubi wanting revenge and fought Hashirama... and was defeated and thought dead. Hashirama's younger brother wanted to make sure the Uchiha didn't follow in Madara's footsteps so he gave them the position of the police force as a sign of trust, but it's true purpose was to separate the Uchihas and keep them under watch. Some of the Uchihas realized what was going on and knew Madara was right, but the Senju clan retained supremacy over the Uchiha.

Then 16 years ago, the Kyuubi attacked the village. Since the Mangekyou Sharingan is able to control the Kyuubi, Konoha's leaders immediately suspected the Uchiha clan and they were forced to live in a corner of Konoha and were closely watched by Anbu. The Third Hokage opposed this, but his voice went unheard. They were segregated and discriminated against.

The Deal

Sasuke's father planned to take over the village and used Itachi as a spy in the Anbu, but Itachi was a double agent and was feeding information about the Uchiha to Konoha too. Itachi experienced the 3rd ninja war when he was four years old and it made him want to avoid conflict, that's why he sided with Konoha. If the Uchiha did attack the village would be in a state of flux and weakness and other villages would surely had attacked, which likely would had started a 4th ninja war. Itachi was given the task of slaughtering his own clan to avoid finger pointing, Tobi expressed that at the time he was still bitter and wanted war so he could get revenge on both the Senju and Uchiha, Itachi however knew that Tobi was alive and sought him out to make him a deal; he would give Tobi his chance for vengeance against the Uchiha if he promised not to harm the village. Hiruzen continued to try negotiating, but they led nowhere and Itachi and Tobi fulfilled the task. But Itachi couldn't kill Sasuke, he threatened Danzo not to harm him and begged Hiruzen to protect Sasuke and promise not to tell him the truth.

Your Choice

Sasuke stopped Tobi at that point, insisting that he almost died fighting Itachi multiple times. Tobi responded that Itachi had to force Sasuke into a corner in order to purge him of the Curse Seal and Orochimaru along with it, and hoped that Sasuke would gain the Mangekyou Sharingan from killing him. Sasuke refused to believe Tobi, saying he was lying and accusing him of summoning the Kyuubi and getting the Uchiha blamed. Tobi dismissed that however, saying that Itachi lied to Sasuke so he wouldn't trust him, even gave Sasuke the Amaterasu to try and keep him away. Itachi joined Akatsuki to keep an eye on them and returned to the Leaf village after the Third Hokage's death as a warning to Danzo and the elders. Itachi wanted Sasuke to kill him, avenge the Uchiha clan and return to the Leaf village as a hero... Tobi then let Sasuke go.

Akatsuki and Taka

Tobi was then sitting on some rocks next to the sea shore with Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo. Sasuke awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan and proclaimed that Team Hebi will now be called Team Taka, and that they are going to destroy Konoha. Madara asked him if he wanted Itachi's eyes, but Sasuke declined; he said he is going to see things differently than Itachi.

Tobi goes to see Kisame, whom is confused since he believed Tobi died. Tobi apologizes for keeping Kisame out of the loop since they're so close and shows him his face. Kisame perks up and says that he feels more comfortable now since he's working with the Mizukage, leader of the Mist village.

New Alliance

Tobi and Kisame then meet with Taka and Tobi asks Sasuke what he's planning on doing. Sasuke states that they're going to take out the Leaf village's elders, no one else. Kisame says that others will get involved, and that Taka isn't powerful enough. Suigetsu gets frustrated and says that he wasn't serious in their play fight and attacks Kisame, but Tobi blocks Suigetsu's sword with his arm. Karin get upset and Suigetsu proclaims that the only reason he joined Sasuke was to get Kisame. Tobi then says that Akatsuki lost too many members and is no longer powerful enough either and that the two teams will have to work together. Sasuke is doubtful but Tobi said he'll give him one of the Bijuu, he goes on to explain that Bijuus are chakra monsters and that Hashirama actually had several under his control, he then divided them amongst the other villages as a sign of trust and to keep a balance of power. Tobi proclaims that it isn't a bad deal, and Sasuke says he's generous... but Tobi replied that if Sasuke betrays Akatsuki that he's a dead man. Kisame says that Akatsuki has 7, and Tobi says that Akatsuki will capture the Nine-Tails and that Taka can take the Eight-Tails.

After the meeting is over, Tobi meets with Zetsu. Tobi says that since Itachi died that he doesn't have to keep their agreement anymore. Zetsu says that Tobi waited a long time, but he didn't believe that so many of Akatsuki's members would die to get them where they are. Tobi then praised the fallen Akatsuki and is happy that he won Sasuke over.

Tobi is later shown sitting near Konan and Pein. Tobiasks why Pein hasn't gone after the Kyuubi yet, Pein said that he had an unexpected guest. Tobi then mocks Pein, saying that Jiraiya lived up to his reputation if the "invincible" Pein had so much trouble with him. Pein got angered by this and said that Jiraiya was dispatched and that he can go after the Kyuubi whenever he wants. Tobi then starts to leave and informs Pein that he has to hurry since Konoha will be ready for him if he waits too long, then informs them that he sent Sasuke after the Eight-Tails. Konan was skeptical if Sasuke could succeed, but Tobi promised he would.

The Plan

After Team Taka brought back the Eight-Tails, Tobi along with Kisame and Zetsu start to seal it while Pein and Konan are gone retrieving the Nine-Tails, however it was just a Substitution. Madara later intercepted Team Taka whom were off to make their offensive against Konoha. Team Taka said they were parting with Akatsuki, but Tobi told Sasuke that he warned Sasuke that he'd kill him ig he betrayed Akatsuki, adding on that the Eight-Tails was a fake. Tobi told them that he'll let their failure to capture the Eight-Tails slide and he wants them to do something else before they can leave Akatsuki. Sasuke tried to attack Tobi, but failed. Tobi told him that there was no point in destroying Konoha since Pein already did it, and told them that the 5 Kages were going to have a meeting... one of them being Danzo, who wanted the Uchiha wiped out. He then had Zetsu lead Team Taka to the Kage meeting; Zetsu split in two and the light half lead them while the dark half remained with Tobi. They begin to talk, Tobi reveals that Pein was supposed to resurrect him, and that he plans to eventually link Sasuke up with the Heretical Demon Statue, and that he's going to speed up his "Moon's Eye Plan."

Can we chat?

While Sasuke and his team's at the Kage meeting, Tobi tells the light Zetsu to inform the Kages that Sasuke's there. After this, Tobi goes to visit Naruto whom is taking a nap, and says that he just wants to talk. Naruto tries to attack, but fails, however Kakashi and Yamato quickly show up to separate Tobi from Naruto. Kakashi reveals that he knows Tobi is actually Madara. Tobi first asks Naruto how he managed to get Nagato to betray him, but Naruto demands to know what Tobi's going to do with Sasuke. Tobi starts to tell them about Sasuke and tells them all about Itachi. They think he's lying, but he insists that he isn't. He then tells them something he didn't tell Sasuke, he tells them about the birth of the Uchiha and the Senju. Rikudou

, the forefather of all ninjas and the first person to possess the Rinnegan, tried to use his teachings to unite the world and bring peace. However he laid on his deathbed before he could achieve his dream. But he had two sons, one inherited his eyes and spiritual power, the other inherited his body and physical power. The two brothers had different ideals on how to bring peace to the world, the oldest thinking that it requires power and the younger thinking it requires love. Rikudou decided that it was the younger brother that should be Rikudou's successor. The older brother however was jealous, believing the younger brother stole his birthright and they clashed against each other; their descendants too would continue this fueding... the descendants of the older brother are the Uchiha, and the descendants of the younger brother are the Senju. He says that Naruto really reminds him of Hashirama, the man he admired and hated, and further explains that the Uchiha are cursed with hatred and that's what drives Sasuke.

Resistance is Futile

Tobi then appears at the Kage meeting and saves Sasuke from certain death and teleports both him and Karin away. He then decides to talk with the Kages. He tells them about how Rikudou fought the Juubi, the ten-tailed demon, and sealed it within himself to stop it. But knowing that the Juubi would be released upon his death, decided to seal Juubi's body in the moon and split it's chakra into nine pieces and spread them across the globe, which became the Bijuu. Tobi plans to collect all the Bijuu and restore Juubi, making himself it's new host. Then he will project a super Tsukiyomi on the moon which will put everyone in an illusion, and with this he will bring peace to the world. He says that he wants to know their opinion and whether or not they'll comply and give over Naruto and Killer B, but they refuse, so Tobi declares the 4th ninja world war.

Countering Fu

After leaving the Kage summit, Tobi caught up with Danzo and his bodyguards, Fu and Torune, saying that he hadn't seen Danzo since the Uchiha Massacre. Danzo's bodyguards attacked and Tobi, forcing him back. Danzo then told them to cover him. While they attacked, Danzo started undoing the brace and bandages on his right arm. Torune threw kunais which Tobi dodged, but it was just a distraction while Fu tried to use Mind-Body Switch, but Tobi phased through the ground to avoid it. Tobi reappeared behind Fu, Fu tried to attack with his tanto but Tobi grabbed his hand and was about to punch Fu, but Torune threw a kunai at Tobi which forced him to phase, allowing Fu to escape. They realized that Tobi can't attack while he's phasing, so Torune took off his gloves and the duo attacked in unison.

Warping Torune

Fu went through Tobi and he spun around to punch him while Torune came at Tobi from behind, but it was a trick, Tobi just acted like he was going to attack and Torune went through Tobi and accidentally hit Fu. Madara realized that they were from the Yamanaka and Aburame clans, and that Torune's punch infected Fu's arm with his insects, but Torune healed Fu. Torune then took off his jacket and attacked Tobi, but Tobi teleported him away, however Tobi's arm was infected in the process and he removed his arm and kicked it at Fu. As Fu evaded it, Tobi teleported him away too.Tobi then retrieved Sasuke and Karin, telling him that he has a gift for Sasuke, and brings Sasuke out to fight Danzo. Danzo however has finished releasing his arm, revealing it to be covered in Sharingans, and says that he'll take Sasuke's and Tobi's too.

His Collection

Tobi watched the ensuing battle and was happy that Sasuke would strike down Karin in order to get to Danzo. However Danzo didn't die right away and tried to leave, but Tobi intercepted him. Danzo then decided to kill himself with a suicide jutsu in order to stop Tobi and Sasuke, Tobi recognized his Reverse Four Symbols Seal and warned Sasuke to get away and they both managed to survive. Tobi then went to take Danzo's body and advised Sasuke to finish off the badly wounded Karin so that she doesn't reveal their plans to enemies. Upon getting back to base Tobi tried to retrieve Shisui's eye from Danzo, but found that Danzo had destroyed the eye; this is where Tobi revealed a large collection of Sharingans. While replacing his arm, he's informed by Zetsu that Sasuke was in trouble and went to save Sasuke.


Tobi is confronted at his hideout by Kabuto whom has been empowered by Orochimaru. Since Kabuto worked as a double agent against Akatsuki, Tobi accuses him of being a traitor and attacks but Kabuto keeps his distance, using Resurrection to the Impure World to summon: Deidara, Itachi, Kakuzu, Nagato, and Sasori. Rather than attack, Kabuto insisted that he wants to join him. Tobi was weary, wondering why Kabuto wanted to join him, Kabuto said that in return for providing soldiers for Tobi's war that he wants Sasuke. Tobi initially refused, but Kabuto resurrected someone that Tobi couldn't say no to, so Tobi agreed on the condition that Kabuto can't have Sasuke until after the war and he'll be guarding Sasuke at all times before then.

War is the Answer

Later elsewhere, Naruto learns what happened 16 years ago on the night of the Kyuubi's attack. On the night of Naruto's birth, Kushina was taken to a secret location guarded by a seal and some Anbu. Tobi appeared, dispatched the Anbu and passed through the barrier. He knew that the seal containing the Kyuubi would weaken during labor and attempted to get the Kyuubi. He killed Biwako, Hiruzen's wife, taking baby Naruto from her and tried to bargain Naruto's life for the Kyuubi, he threw Naruto in the air and was about to stab him but Minato saved him only to realize that Tobi placed explosive seals on Naruto's blanket and quickly got Naruto out of the blanket and fled from the structure which blew up, and Kushina was taken by Tobi. Minato placed his Flying Thunder God on Kushina but didn't get there before the Kyuubi was released, Kushina however survived because of her strong life force. Minato brought her back to their home with Naruto and went back to stop Tobi.

Flash vs. Ghost

Tobi arrived at the edge of the Leaf village and summoned the Kyuubi there and it started going berserk. Minato appeared on the Hokage monument and stopped the Kyuubi's chakra blast, Tobi tried to sneak up on him but Minato reacted instantly and tried to stab Tobi, but it passed through him and Tobi tried to warp Minato away, but he teleported to safety. Tobi followed after where he revealed long chains shackled to his wrist an charged at Minato, he went through Minato and wrapped Minato in the chains, but Minato teleported away. Tobi and Minato then charged at each other again, this time Minato threw a kunai which went through Tobi's face, but just as Tobi grabbed Minato to warp him away, Minato teleported to the kunai he threw and slammed Tobi from behind with a Rasengan. Tobi survived the Rasengan and leaped away, with his left arm apparently oozing away from his injury. Unknown to him is that Minato placed a Flying Thunder God seal on his body and instantly stabbed him and placed another seal on Tobi's body nullifying his control over the Kyuubi. Tobi left promising that the Kyuubi will be his again, and that the world will bow to him.

Valiant Attempt

When Tobi came to the Rain village to retrieve the Rinnegan from Nagato's corpse, Konan was there to stop him. Tobi asked why they betrayed him, and if Naruto was really worth it and Konan replied that Naruto is light incarnate ans brings the flower of hope. Tobi noticed that she was still wearing the Akatsuki cloak and wondered if she missed the group, she replied that the cloaks are a symbol of the blood of war that rained down across their village and that they were made by Yahiko and belong to them, and that the Rinnegan also belongs to the Rain village and not to him.

Tobi corrects her, saying that he was the one that made Yahiko create Akatsuki... and he was the one that gave Nagato the Rinnegan, and that both belong to him. Konan attacks with Paper Shurikens, but Tobi phases through them. Konan flew at Madara, but Tobi grabbed her to suck her up; but she placed explosive seals on some of her paper and tried to kill Tobi while he was solid. It didn't work however, Tobi sucked up most of the explosion, leaving both of them injured but alive. Konan then said that Tobi is darkness and that without light flowers wither and die; she then reveals her trap and the water beneath them turns into paper and splits apart.

Tobi falls into her abyss of paper bombs and he tries to teleport away, but his teleporting isn't instant and Konan attempts to attack with her paper before he can get away and is forced to phase. Konan says that she knew that he wouldn't be fast enough to get away and that her trap will continue for 10 minutes, while Tobi's only capable of staying intangible for 5 minutes. She says that Yahiko and Nagato were never Tobi's pawns and runs out of chakra, with her paper body becoming flesh and blood again. She has a sigh of relief, but then Tobi appears behind her and stabs her with a broken pipe.


She wonders how he survived, saying that she calculated many scenarios and that one should had killed him. Tobi reveals as his left eye closes that he used Izanagi, a jutsu that bends illusions into reality, and that only someone with both the powers of the Uchiha and Senju can use it... and that he gained Hashirama's power during their battle at the Valley of the End. She is baffled and Tobi reveals that Izanagi was a technique used by Rikudou, dreaming up something and then giving it form and that's how he created the 9 Bijuus from the Juubi's chakra. Tobi then goes on to tell Konan that she shouldn't had put her trust in Naruto and insulted Nagato, Konan's resolve didn't break though and she tried to attack Tobi, but Tobi grabbed her by the throat and said that he will be like the darkness and make her wilt and die, but first he'll find out where Nagato is using a genjutsu on her. He then goes to the hidden area where Nagato and Yahiko are laying and closes Nagato's eyes and teleports him away to his dimension.

Starting a War

Almost Complete

He then reappears with a new mask and clothes, and once again wields his war fan. Kabuto mentions that he has nice new eyes, but Tobi says they were his to begin with. Zetsu interrupts revealing that they got Kisame's info, to which Tobi states that it's time to go after the Kyuubi. Kabuto suggests that he foes to get the Hachibi and Kyuubi. Tobi wonders what Kabuto's trying to do, but Kabuto insists that it's his way of earning Tobi's trust... but wants to be compensated with Hashirama's tissue, but will settle for a Zetsu. Tobi agrees to give Kabuto one Zetsu if he succeeds. Tobi then wanted to show Kabuto something. They go deeper into Tobi's lair which reveals a massive plant growing all through it, and Tobi reveals that it was grown using tissue that he stole from Hashirama. He then reveals vast legion of Zetsu clones. After Kabuto returns, he reveals that he could not capture the Jinchuuriki, but he did capture Yamato in order to retrieve information and empower the Zetsu clones. After Kabuto's done, Tobi begins the march to war and Kabuto revealed more Edo Tensei summonings: the deceased Jinchuuriki, the deceased Seven Swordsmen, 2nd Mizukage, 3rd Raikage, 4th Kazekage, Muu, Hazashi, Dan, Asuma, Hanzo, Chiyo, Kimimaro, Haku , Kinkaku and Ginkaku, Chukichi, Pakura, Gari, and Toroi.

Tobi became unnerved by Edo Tensei, and demanded that Kabuto reveal to him how it works and it's weaknesses. Kabuto reluctantly agreed, Tobi gave Kabuto Fu and Torune to show him how it works and killed Torune. Kabuto then resurrected Torune using Fu as a sacrifice, and revealed to Tobi's Edo Tensei's weakness... none.


Tobi starts to become impatient with capturing Killer Bee and Naruto, so he goes with his back-up plan. He decides to seal the Hachibi tail that Killer Bee used to trick Sasuke, since it contained the Hachibi's chakra. And went to the battlefield to retrieve Kinkaku and Ginkaku who were sealed away, wanting to seal the Kyuubi's chakra within them. While there, he summoned Gedo Mazo which began to terrorize the ninja alliance and fought Chouji and Chouza. Darui and others tried to stop Tobi from taking Kinkaku and Ginkaku, but could not.

As night falls, war ceases until it becomes light out again. As the alliance regroups to recuperate and formulate strategies, Tobi uses the time of rest to cause unrest. He has his Zetsu army use their shapeshifting abilities to assume the identities of ninjas they have come into contact with during the war and infiltrate the base camps. One in particular imitated Neji and infiltrated a medic camp, and started killing off the medic nins in secret so that the alliance couldn't heal their wounded. This was to cause paranoia and chaos within the ranks, not knowing who's an enemy, and force them to leave themselves tired when the war restarts in the morning. However it was a much greater scheme than originally perceived, Tobi anticipated Naruto's new abilities after learning to control the Kyuubi and is using the disguised Zetsus to draw Naruto out to capture him. Over the course of the night, Tobi created his own Pein using the deceased Jinchuurikis that Kabuto resurrected, with them gaining both the Sharingan and Rinnegan like himself, and they charge out to fight at dawn.

Unknown to Tobi, but as he made his way to capture Naruto and Bee, Kabuto found them first and is diligently trying to capture them hoping to hold them over Tobi's head. When Kabuto's attempts with Itachi, Nagato, and the 3rd Raikage failed, he decided to bring out the 6th coffin which so startled Tobi. As Naruto and the alliance cheered after their assumed defeat of their immediate enemies, they were surprised to see the contents of the 6th coffin appear... Madara! Leaving the alliance to wonder who or what's under the mask of the man who calls himself Madara.

New Pain

Tobi along with his Neo Pein find Naruto and Bee. Roushi uses his lava jutsu, Blazing Boulder Stream. Naruto and Bee jump out of the way and try to attack Yagura, but his stopped by his Reflecting Water jutsu that creates duplicates of Naruto and Bee which attack them, they are then attacked by Utakata's Bubble Boom which they escape, but then are blinded by Fuu's Scale Camouflage and are knocked down from Yugito's claws and Han's steam-powered punch. Naruto reveals that everyone knows about the real Madara, but when asked who he is, Tobi says he's no one and just wants to complete the Moon's Eye Plan, saying that the world is full of misery and says that the Jinchuuriki should know that far too well, but Naruto dismisses it. Naruto followed up by saying that he's going to tear off Tobi's mask, in which Tobi said he'd have to work for it and his Neo Pein partially transform into their Bijuus. Bee tries to attack Fuu, but she dodges all of his attacks, even his ambushes. As Naruto tells Bee about their shared vision, Roushi covers himself in a magma armor and attacks. After Naruto and Bee dodge it, Yugito attacks with a homing fireball and she tackles to the ground as they run from it. They notice the spike in Yugito's chest that Tobi's using to control them, so Naruto grabs Roushi when he attacks and tries to destroy his spike, but Han kicks Naruto away. Bee decides that the forest gives them too much of an advantage and is going to blast it down. Bee then creates Ink Clones to harden around the Jinchuuriki and restrain them, but they transform into the Version Two forms and start to give Naruto and Bee even more trouble, but thankfully Kakashi and Gai arrive to help. Roushi eventually transforms into Yonbi and nearly kills Naruto, as a turn of events Naruto is able to release Yonbi from Tobi's control, which prompted Tobi to make all the others transform into their Bijuus and beat the team down. However, thanks to Naruto and Kyuubi finally allying, Naruto was able to release all of the Bijuus from Tobi's control. This took it's toll on Naruto though, and now everyone is in a weakened condition against Tobi...

Powers and Abilities

Sharingan and Rinnegan

Aside from the Sharingan and it's numerous optical abilities, Tobi has displayed his Mangekyou Sharingan ability called "Kamui" that allows him to entirely or partially shift his body into a personal dimension, allowing him to phase or teleport himself and others. Aside from being being able to suck things into his blackhole-like eye, he's also able to jettison people or objects out of it as well. His mastery of his eyes allows him to control the Kyuubi. He's also capable of using Izanagi, a jutsu that allows him to escape injury or death for an indeterminate amount of time by turning reality into a fantasy... at the cost of one of his Sharingan eyes.

He has displayed various other jutsus, such as: Grand Fireball which lets him exhale a huge ball of fire, as well as Wild Dance where he exhales a gigantic tornado of fire. Mole Hiding which allows him to travel freely underground. He has also created a strong barrier called the Uchiha Flame Formation.

He's also in possession of Hashirama's cells and gained his power. The cells integrated into his body, making him somewhat plant-like which grants him many passive abilities like being able to withstand severe damage or lethal wounds, regenerate rapidly, and replace limbs. His physiology also allows him to go without things such as food or sleep, and has afforded him immense strength. He's actively capable of growing trees from his body that he can use for a variety of uses, such as ensnaring or impaling the opponent or crushing them to death.

He has recently gained the Rinnegan. Aside from granting it's user all 5 elements, it possesses 6 abilities based on the 6 paths of Buddhist reincarnation: gravity manipulation (Deva), body modification (Asura), telepathy (Human), summoning (Animal), chakra absorption (Hungry Ghost), and resurrection (Hell). He has also went as far as to create his own version of Pein by using the previous Jinchuurikis.

He's also able to summon and control both the Kyuubi and Gedo Mazo, a giant living statue capable of sealing Bijuus and human souls. It currently contains the collective power of seven Bijuus, and counting.

As The Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki

Rikudou Form

In the form given by theTen-Tails itself it took the form of Hagoromo Otsutsuki this allowed obito to turn to a god-like being with godly powers his strength and speed increase quickly upon taking this form and his ninjutsu and taijutsu tipped off the scale and his defense turned to be unbreakable shield only due to its black chakra orbs which destroys ninjutsu of any type giving him one true weakness and with this gave him immortality and additional healing his abilities are given by the Ten-tails itself by easily making tailed beast balls and using there abilities as his own he also can re-release the Ten-Tails at will this also gave him the power of the sages most powerful weapon the Sword of Nunoboko which was said to create the world.

Controlled Rikudou Form

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