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The Toady-Drone is a sentient robot created by Tyrant to be similar to Galactus' heralds. Although it has it's own mind, everything it sees and hears is also seen and heard by Tyrant.

It was sent to Galactus to tell him that Tyrant wished to have a meeting with him. Before it got to Galactus' ship it was met by Morg, his current herald. Morg chopped off the robot's arms and legs and brought it before Galactus. It was repaired when it returned to Tyrant.

When Tyrant had his meeting with Galactus, both knew that it was time for one of them to die. To help his master, Morg got the Ultimate Nullifier from the ship and planned to use it on Tyrant. The Toady-Drone attached itself to Morg and was able to contain the weapons highly destructive power. It used it's power to bio-mechanically morph into Morg in an attempt to control him. The drone's attempt failed and the power of the Nullifier began to consume Morg. The drone was only able to hold back the power of the Nullifier for so long and it finally overcame him, destroying Galactus' ship and all inside.

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