What is Toads current power set?

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I've been reading Toads comicvine page and his power and abilities are confusing, as far as I can tell he got some powers due to his movie appearance (including fighting style) and a few others (air blasts and communicating with amphibians) that come and go (much like his skin tone for some reason). What powers/fighting abilities does he posses now?

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Most recently seen are the tounge and mucus and his skin is mysteriously green

#3 Posted by comkid100 (294 posts) - - Show Bio

@Solarflare32: TBH his skin pigmentation depends on whose drawing him.

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His power set involves mopping and putting sawdust on student puke.

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@comkid100: Last time I checked Toad can crouch for hours without so much as a single ounce of damage to his spine, he can spit a form of goo that acts like a built-in version of Spider-Man's webbing, he has that long prehensile tounge that he can use as a weapon, he is at least a little bit stronger than he looks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to his legs, he has better than average reflexes to say the LEAST. He has the ability to communicate with various amphibians and have an I.Q. that's only slightly lower than that of Beast! And that's all I can remember right now so as far as I'm concerned what Toad lacks in raw power he makes up for in versitlity!

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