Toad's Appearance

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before Toad went to the Jean Grey school he had a lean average body type and a normal skin color.

Then when he goes to the X-Men school he suddenly gains like fifty pounds.... also his skin became a shade of green.

Toad & Husk - from Wolverine & the X-Men #15

All of these changes happened without reason, and honestly I hate them all. Does anyone actually like Toad's new look?

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This should interest

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Since nobody actually cares about Toad, nobody has ever made a standard appearance for him. Some artists make him look like an almost-normal human. Some make him short and fat. Some give him such a toad-like appearance that he might as well be Ultimate Toad. 

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@(((Prodigy))): I literally LOL'd at the last picture.

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@Strafe Prower: I'm guessing that Scarlet Witch hit him with a hex bolt and made him accidentally release his bowels right as the picture was being taken.
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@(((Prodigy))): LMAO

I honestly don't know what the artist was thinking when he created that costume. Maybe he was on LSD....

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His current appearance is based off of Chris Bachalo's design that dates all the way back to the days he used to work on Generation X. I remember there was an issue where Toad was holed up in Emma's old institute and the design was very similar to his appearances in Wolverine and the X-Men which was also done by Bachalo, so it may have been Bachalo's call. Though I think he wasn't as big in Generation X.

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@(((Prodigy))): The skin color thing does go back and forth, but that last picture was what toad looked like when his DNA was still messed up. They had a big story line about how Juggernaut's father did experiments to toad making him look all gross and fat, but once they fixed his DNA he changed to look normal. it was also when he got most of his powers because originally he could only jump, but once his DNA was repaired he got his long tong, special spits, poison sweat, and ability to stick to walls.

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I Liked his appearence befor he joined wolverines school.

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