mechanisticmoth's TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30 review

It's Worth it.

 Yeah… You see that $10 price tag on the front!?  I totally paid that!  Now, mind you, I’m one of a thousand people who has a copy of this magazine (if a 1000 people actually do pay for the magazine), and I got a sweet-ass sketch of Leonardo by Jim Lawson included on the back page (yeah, he actually drew it for me!)… Oh, and also, my letter to Peter Laird was printed for the second time in Vol. 4… in a row!  Awesome!

This comic takes place right after from #29 (granted, this issue has come out a year after that one did) with Casey waking up at Karai’s place with a massive hangover.  For the first half, the story follows Casey and the second half follows Mikey.

I really enjoy how Mr.Laird is hinting at something between Karai and Casey since April’s off doing some soul-searching.  Inevitably, they’ll end up together to take care of Shadow some more (I really want to see some future stories of Shadow, actually), but I like how Karai’s playing them.

I have to say, Lawson’s work really looks great in this issue.  I love Lawson and I enjoy how his style is so recognizeable and has become very bare but highly stylized, but occasionally I have problems with how he draws his people.  Well, Casey and Karai are drawn better than ever before by Lawson, and the Triceratons and Mikey look great.  Laird’s digital inking/graphic stylizations really add a lot by being old school used in new ways through the computer.

Vol. 4 is definitely epic.  I hate that the series may end in as little as 6 issues (which, mind you, might take 10 years to come out in, haha) because it truly unearths grandiose, moral topics while remaining a thrilling read.  If this comic could begin again on a frequent schedule and last 100 issues, then I would buy every one of them even if the rest of them did cost $12.20 plus shipping.  Seriously, the series is just that good.

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