hushicho's Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #3 - Recessional review

Eddie Berganza, Paid for Drinking Coffee

Eddie Berganza is listed as 'editor', but anyone who has read Graduation Day knows very well that he must have somehow managed to finagle his way into a paycheck for doing...absolutely nothing at all! There's no kind of consistency in the story itself, much less consistency with previous appearances of the characters, or logical flow of any event. As before, grasp of the characters' powers, personalities, and any semblance of common sense is completely beyond Winick.
Yet another of the Titans -- but only the female ones, naturally, we can't have someone completely powerless and uninterestingly-written as Nightwing get his bottom kicked -- gets written out, though as it's Donna we know she'll be back in an issue or two, as usual. She's the asinine go-to girl for cheap comic book death, and we all know it's never permanent. It's barely even temporary. Why do they give her funerals anymore? They should just put her in a freezer and stick a timer on the outside, at this point.
The story's non-resolution makes for a miserable and embarrassingly disgraceful end to both The Titans and Young Justice, and it's best forgotten. Just presume that Young Justice ended with its last issue, and presume that The Titans ended with Universe Ablaze, which was about a hundred thousand times superior to drek like Graduation Day.
Graduation Day is the poster child of stories that make you embarrassed to be a fan of superhero comics. It's the kind of story newcomers can read experimentally and be instantly turned off of the genre. It's the kind of story that fans hastily stutter, 'Yeah, just don't read that' when it's brought up. 

Posted by Silkcuts

why Blame Eddie? Winnick can't write a story without someone being gay and/or infected with a STD/STI.

Posted by Roxanne Starr
Winick is another one of those evil writers. Hsssss...
I would never write a bio for him. Humph.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Roxanne Starr said:
" @Silkcuts:  Winick is another one of those evil writers. Hsssss... I would never write a bio for him. Humph. "
He is
I would never write a bio for him either, may be just "He is a hack that need to write about homosexuality and STDs/STIs"
Posted by Roxanne Starr
Winick can draw though...when he wants to...which is practically never.
I have a sketch he did for me years ago, that isn't bad. I'll have to try to find it and post it on this review. 
But don't hold your breath, Silk. You know how slow I am to deliver on my promises. :-)
Posted by hushicho

Well I did blame Winick for it; if you look at the reviews of the other two issues of Graduation Day, I was pretty merciless with my assessment of Winick's skills or lack thereof. Eddie was...probably just situated as editor as more an obligation than an actual position. He clearly didn't do any editing. Winick is the kind of writer that they love to give carte blanche to do whatever he wants, because they think that since he once knew a gay guy, they have a complete safety net from being criticised.
I think it's good if people want to write about gay characters; there is still a vast shortage of well-written gay characters, especially male ones, in superhero comics. However, it would be nice if someone who isn't Judd Winick would write about them. I'd really rather someone who can write be the one to handle homosexual characters, since Winick doing it all the time (and his hamfisted dealing with disease, which is always a tricky topic in superhero titles) just makes people see bad writing, and they associate homosexual characters and issues with bad writing, which is unfortunate.
Thank you all for your comments, by the way! I really love them! I got quite a chuckle. The first one I saw was 'I would never write a bio for him', and I was thinking, 'that is a strange but absolutely hilarious line'. We should use that more often to refer to people we don't like. 'Oh, him? Well I wouldn't write a bio for him, if you know what I mean!'

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