mask_of_tengu's Titans East Special #1 - The Fickle Hand, Part One: Go East, Young Man. review


How can you write a review about this issue without giving spoilers? I guess very carefully as I am about to do.

This issue takes a look back at the good old days of the Titans...the old team with Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Donna Troy, and Flash. They have a super battle against Bizarro and Joker. It then shows Cyborg trying to recreate that old team...since the new Titans don't really need Cyborg. EVERYONE turns him you have to feel bad for the guy.

So what do you make a new are the flaws with his choices or whatnot... Power Boy is a psychopath...I have hated him since his stalkerish ways to Supergirl...which are STILL present.

Anima is a great choice...I have not seen her in a long time and I always thought that her and Hitman were the only cool ones from Bloodlines.

Hawk and Dove...boring. Lagoon Boy...Who the f? Son of Vulcan and Big Barda...:-p...cheese.

I have been waiting for Power Boy and Big Barda to die as the death of the New Gods is going I was disappointed here...let me just say to end this...WHAT A WASTE...there I said it...WTF DC


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