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Match, the imperfect clone of Conner Kent, shows up at the Tower looking for a fight. But the Titans' old teammate Jericho is still trapped inside him! To subdue Match and save Jericho, the Titans must find a way to force the two apart, and their solution has unexpected consequences for them all!

Jericho is trapped inside Match's body.  Cyborg, Nightwing and Donna are working on getting him out.  Jericho says the last thing he remembers is being at S.T.A.R. Labs and then he was at Titans Tower.

Cyborg is able to isolate Jericho's neuro impulses and they are ready to 'pry' him out of Match's body.  Things don't go as planned.  Jericho throws Cyborg out of the room and grabs Nightwing by the throat saying he is not in control.  The rest of the Titans try to contain him.  Raven is able to pin him down and sees all his fears.  With a zap from a device Cyborg has, Match is down and Jericho is free.

When Beast Boy checks on Raven, she tells him that it wasn't Jericho's fears she saw, it was Match's.  Jericho was in control the whole time.  Jericho sets of an EMP and the lights go out.  The lights come back on.  Jericho is gone, inside one of the Titans.  But who?

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Winnikck........WOW 0

You know i was going to give Winnick the benefit of the doubt at being at this game of comics for sometime, sometimes you have some low times but for god sakes.  COME on turning the Titans which was a pretty good story when it started into this...well i cant say it on this site.Jericho is the bad guy again and taking control of people.....hmmm sounds so very familiar. Alright if you cant come up with any original ideas dont just recycle old stories.In end DO NOT PICK THIS UP. I gave it half a st...

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Been There Done That 0

I have said this before in other reviews, " I am a slave to the Titans brand" I know this, and yet I choose not to seek help. That being said, between this issue and issue 2 of the Terror Titans my loyalty is being tested. If I am telling the truth,  I would have to say the story did have some good points to it. There were a few nice character moments, especially between Raven and Gar.  The art is in top form and there is enough action here. However I can not shake the feeling of been there done...

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