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Titanothropes are the native inhabitants of the planet Khera. This purple skinned humanoids had the natural ability to grow into gigantic beings though the increased size brought about diminished intelligence. In ancient times, a Planet Shaper engine landed on Khera where it created a native Kherubim species and attempted to tailor the Titanothropes into a servitor race. To better protect the pure Kherans, Atlas-class constructs were used to cull the Titanothropes and ensuring their compliance. In time, the Titanothropes became fully adopted into the Kherubim empire though they remained second-class citizens. They became relegated to living underground and were never officer material but instead worked in a starship's engine room. The Titanothropes themselves tended to call the Kherubim as the 'cold-eyes' and stories spread by them stated that the Kherans had migrated to their world.

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