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Titano chases a submarine.
Titano is a legendary sea creature that emerges from the South Pacific Isle and attacks the surface world. Titano is a gigantic crab that crushes battleships with ease and causes massive tidal waves as it stirs up the angry ocean. The Navy comes up with a plan against Titano and paint one of their submarines with luminous paint. The glowing submarine attracts the attention of the gigantic sea monster and gives chase. The submarine reaches the Alaskan waters and head towards a giant glacier with Titano closely behind. With seconds to spare, the submarine swerves away from the glacier but Titano could not stop or turn in time. Titano crashes into the glacier and is embedded in a mountain of ice.  

Powers & Abilities

Titano is a gigantic crab monster with massive claws and superhuman strength. Titano also has superhuman durability and high resistance to injury.   

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