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Tish Boudreau was hired by the army as a Biofeedback Engineer.  She was also dating the man who volunteered to bond with the X-O armor, Major Rand Banion.  It is unclear whether the two dated before or after Banion volunteered for the project but regardless she was very attached to him.  Unfortunately for her the relationship ended suddenly with the death of Major Banion.  However almost immediately after his death Donovan Wylie, the genius who discovered how the X-O armor worked bonded with the device to keep it from falling into the hands of the terrorist group R.A.G.E.

After Banion's funeral Tish seemed to have a sudden attraction to Wylie (propositioning him at Banions funeral of all places).  She later had lunch with Wylie's girlfriend Doctor Thalia Costas and implied that the two should break up due to the stress Wylie being bonded to the X-O put on their relationship.  Renata, Donovan's partner and best friend managed to get Thalia out of the room long enough to convince Tish to leave the couple alone or she would find a way to kill her.  Tish got the message immediately.

This is very drawn to the X-O.  She seems attracted to power, and it's power, and anyone in possession of it.

She also prefers he men built and ruggedly handsome. Besides Banion she has been attracted to Magnus, Robot Fighter and Corporal James "Tork" Torkleson.

Tish is later shown attached to Project Armorines with Colonel Megan Wylie and Dr Donovan Wylie (the armors designer).

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