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At the Jedi Praxeum

Tionne and her collection of artifacts

Tionne learned at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy (aka the Jedi Praxeum) on Yavin IV, becoming one of his first students in his New Jedi Order and serving as a historian and chronicler of Jedi artifacts, collecting them in her travels.

As the years went by, Tionne attained the rank of Jedi Master. She played a vital role at the academy as teacher, mentoring many young Jedi including Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila.

Tionne conducting an interview in the Jedi Archives

At some point before the Yuuzhan Vong War, Tionne went to work compiling a record of the Galactic Civil War, specifically the more hidden and unknown aspects of the Rebellion. She interviewed Col Serra, who led a group called "Renegade Squadron," created by Han Solo, which was involved in many spec-ops missions during the war.

She also married fellow Jedi, Kam Solusar, who also earned the rank of master. Tionne and Kam taught at the academy for many years until the fateful day the Yuuzhan Vong invaded Yavin IV, destroying the Praxeum and converting much of the planet to suit their needs. Tionne and Kam managed to escape with their students. Tionne and Kam later ran the Jedi Academy on Ossus.

During the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, the Ossus Academy was attacked by Galactic Alliance Guard - an elite unit controlled by Jacen Solo, aka Darth Caedus - who used coma gas to incapacitate many Jedi in the Academy. Jaina Solo sensed a disturbance, allowing her to escape and alert other Jedi. But despite this, many young Jedi were killed by GAG soldiers. Many students were evacuated, but many also remained in GAG captivity. Tionne attempted to help her students, but was stopped by Major Salle Serpa, who blasted away Tionne's leg and arm, trying to force the Jedi out of hiding to save Tionne. He succeeded; Tionne's husband, Kam, and other Jedi attacked from the shadows, but were brought down by GAG sniper fire. The snipers were killed by Jaina Solo, and Serpa was taken down by Zekk. Tionne lived with her injuries, requiring prosthetic limbs from that day forth.

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