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The Tiny Titans Treehouse is most likely the smaller version of Titans Tower. Here they hold their pet club meetings and just do whatever it is that kids do when they are not at school. There are quite a few people who hang out here including- 
1. Robin (Dick Grayson.) 
2. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon.) 
3. Starfire 
4. Cyborg 
5. Roy Harper (As Speedy.) 
6. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes.) 
7. Bumblebee 
8. Superboy (Connor Kent.) 
9. Ravager (Rose Wilson.) 
10. Duela Dent 
11. Miss Martian 
12. Beast Boy 
13. Raven 
14. Donna Troy 
15. Zachary Zatarra 
16. Aqualad 
17. Match (Somewhat of an honorary member.) 
18. Supergirl 
19. Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark.) 
20. Kid Devil (As a baby.) 
21. Kid Flash (As Wally West.) 
(Even Archie and his pals have been in the Tiny Titans Tree house.)

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