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It all begins as Barbara asks to go out and play with the Titans. Meeting up with the others, she greets Robin who is now sporting his Nightwing costume and wants to be referred to as such. They are apparently waiting for the Titans from the East Side of the playground to show up (which include: Enigma, Duela, Crusader, Inertia, Sungirl and Risk). Already there is tension between Inertia and Kid Flash as to who is the fastest. Meanwhile Starfire and Sun praise one another's hair.

Later, other kids begin to tease Nightwing for trying to change his name, calling him names, such as "Nightlight" among others. The only one to sympathize is Psimon, who Nightwing calls Brainiac.

Speedy and Enigma are in an everlasting loop of "Knock Knock" which is only resolved by the end of the issue.

The commissioner calls, asking for Batman to show up but he's not available so Nightwing, Batgirl and a penguin dress up in Batman's cape and cowl to go in his place.

Once Robin returns to his normal costume, Batgirl confesses that she likes him best this way and thinks he is cute.

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