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An issue of the Tiny Titans presenting a new team and a new type of heroes. The issue is presenting THE SUPER-PETS.

Superman-Family related pets (Beppo, Krypto, Comet, and Streaky) are flying around town getting alot of attention. So Robin dresses up a cow in a cowl, it fails to have the same dramatic effect.

In "Sound Check" cats are meowing on a fence near Titans Tree-House and Streaky goes out to join them. However Streaky's super-powered (off-tune) meows shatter nearby windows and give everyone else a headache.

Meanwhile in Metropolis, Titano the giant gorilla just escape from the circus. The mild-mannered dressed Beppo changes in a nearby telephone booth and flies off to intervene. The two chatter in ape and apparently all Titano wants are bananas, cows, a dissert bowl and two staws in order to make a giant banana milkshake.

Back in the Titans Tree-House, Supergirl attempts to engage Streaky with a ball of yarn. the cat however is unimpressed and super-smacks it away, hitting a UFO in outer space.

Later, the Super Pets ask to use the Titans Tree-House for their own secret meetings. The Green Lanterns drop off B'Dg and Brainiac 5 drops off Proty for the meeting. While Ace shows up with a new partner of his own, a robin named Robin.

In "Super Fetch", Conner is throwing a stick for Krypto while Streaky watches on, unimpressed. The game ends when Krypto returns with an entire tree instead of just the stick.

And finally Beast Boy turns himself into an ape to be apart of Titans Apes (which includes Beppo and Titano).

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