kfhrfdu_89_76k's Tiny Titans #12 - Morning With The Trigons; Monday Morning; Take Me Out To The Ballgame; Hall Pass; Our Little Secret; "The Croc Files" In Sending An E-Mail review

One of the best Tiny titans issues ever.

Hello, dear and not so dear readers. This is Kfh, an 18 year old dude from Finland, speaking. Well, "speaking". Today, I`ve decided to review this issue.

Naturally, by the time you`re reading this, it`s not today anymore. Well, depending on what theory of time and the way it goes you believe in.

But, lets get to the main point now. I`m gonna tell you how awesome each of the features in this issue are. Cool, huh?

The cover.

A nice joke, and a nod to Faces of evil. This issue actually (kinda) is a part of that storyarc-that-actually-isn`t-a-story-arc-but-more-like-stories-that-have-a-uniting-feature (in this case, spotlight on villains). Then again, I suppose it isn`t.

The first page.

I dunno what other name to call this feature with. Anyways, each issue starts with a page that has one gag in it. It also has icons that tell what Tiny titans appear in the particular issue. But since they usually lie, I might be wrong about their purpose. So, I guess I don`t know what their purpose is. Maybe to show some of the titans that DON`T appear in the issue. That would be pointless though.

What? Did I digress again? Maybe a bit, but I did talk about the issue, didn`t I?

Anyway, we see how Baltazars Penguin (at least, when he draws in this style) looks like! It`s fantastic, `cause I woulda already wanted to know, when I read issue 2. He looks snappy!

The joke`s not super funny though, but it`s realistic that Penguin would do that. So it`s still good.

Morning with the Trigons.

The semi-regular feature has Trigon wear the wrong costume. Not funny to a young adult like me, necassarily, but it does have Trigon in his original costume, which is a classic supervillain costume, that looks even better when drawn in cartoony style. Besides, Trigon acting out of character is super.

Monday morning.

Deathstroke yelling is the funniest part. The surprise ending is the best part. Now I`m gonna ruin it. Darkseid becomes the substitute principal for a day! OBEY DARKSEID!!!!

Take me out to the ball game.

Plot moves forward. Also, we see Deathstroke in his lassic costume!

A one pager.

It`s title is tiny titans, so I guess that they didn`t come up with a title, or forgot to add it.

Darkseid shows his supremacy! By terrorizing a school fulla kids. Well, they`re superhero kids, so I guess that`s something. On the other hand, hese kids haven`t done any superhero feats yet. Anyway, he hows how evil he is. Cool. He`s also acting like he actually (kinda) would. Also, a Final crisis-joke!

Another untitled story.

Deathstroke, Trigon, Jericho, Raven and Rose have fun. Robin and Wonder girl talk. A nice, cute story.

Hall pass.

The monitor is the bad guy, and Anti-monitor is the good guy! Anti-monitor doesn`t do it out of kindness, so it doesn`t count, actually.

Our little secret.

Raven acts diabolically. And she has an evil expression, too!

Oh, and the issues story wraps up, and we find out that Deathstroke`s not only a villain, but he`s also irresponsible! I dunno how awesome that is, but at least it`s a defining characteristic about him.

The Kroc files

Well, it`s a Kroc files-short. It`s obviously awesome.

Baseball unscramble.

A puzzle. It also has Deathstroke and Trigon in baseball outfits.

A pin-up.


The whole issue in general. What I like, what I don`t.

Well, mostly the spot light is one villains, either acting like villains, or acting like normal dudes. Friggin awesome. It does have a few stories that center on the heroes, though. I guess it`s okay. It`s got jokes, great art, great characters, colorful...well, colors, short stories, DARKSEID and an easy going plot. It`s different from main stream superhero-comics, it`s done with talent. Even if the series sometimes doesn`t do a gigantic expression on me, it`s still one of the best all ages-series ever. Maybe in the top 500. Or top 100. This issue is a good example of that.

If this would be a series geared only to adults, I would say that alot of the panels could`ve been changed to save some space. But this is for kids too/mainly. It would be too confusing for the kids. Right? Guess what...Probably not. But...there`s a better reason why that can`t be done. The stories have a precise number of panels. If you`d take one away, there`d be empty, useless space. Which is too bad. There could be less recycled pictures though. But, they`re not in abundance, and usually they`re used when they`re actually useful.

My final verdict.

If you find it, get it. Especially if you have a kid. It`s not certain that you or your kid(s?) will like it, but most likely you will.

Posted by The Poet



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