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Tinkerbell is the small, helpful pixie friend of Peter Pan. Her voice is like sounds of a tinkling bell, which can only be understood by those familiar with the language of the fairies. A sprinkle of her pixie dust can make you fly. Tinkerbell is a loyal friend to Peter Pan, and she would lay down her life to help him.

In her most widely known appearance, the 1953 animated film Peter Pan, she wears a short lime-green dress with a rigid trim, and green slippers with white puffs this is her most well known outfit. When she flies, she is trailed by small amounts of pixie dust, and this dust can help humans fly if they believe it will.

Since 1954, Tinkerbell has featured as one of Disney's most important branding icons, representing the "Disney magic". She is featured in the opening credits of all Disney movies, sprinkling pixie dust in order to shower a magical feeling over the audience before the movie begins.

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