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Tina is a friend of Copycat and had once been in a relationship with Sluggo.


Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Greg Capullo.


Tina's Fate

When Copycat is on the run from Deadpool, she hides at Tina's house. After a few weeks, Tina learns that Copycat's newest morph is herself. Deciding that twins was a good enough cover, the two ladies hit the town. As they are out and about, Deadpool finds the two and tries to take them out. Copycat trips him up and the girls make their escape only to run into Sluggo, who mistakenly shoots his ex-girlfriend Tina (not knowing which Tina was really Tina and which was Copycat). Copycat keeps the image of Tina for another few hours before reverting back to her blue self.

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