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Missing Persons

When her parents mysteriously disappeared Tina seeks out her Godfather Doc Samson via hacking onto a hyper secure S.H.I.E.L.D link in the middle of a discussion Samson is having with a very disgruntled Skrull. After convincing Samson to help the two visit Doctor Strange due to the paranormal details of her story, it was here that she first met Jack Holyoak, Strange’s new assistant in Wong’s absence. After accidentally turning his master into a frog and hastily reversing the process Holyoak is offered to aid Tina and Samson as Strange is unable to accompany them on there quest. 
After an airlift from S.H.I.E.L.D the three arrive in Joshua Tree National Park and quickly begin there investigation and are joined by Officer Nighthorse who tells them the story of a shaman known as Cold Winter and his rivalry with a man called Whistle pig  who lived in that area many years ago. As Jack summons a spirit to question it soon becomes clear that it was the ghost of Cam Larson, a good friend of Tina’s parents who died in the sixties that had taken the Punnett’s captive with the help of the Living totem, a local legend whom then sets loose on Tina and her friends. Quickly subdued, the four are then reunited with the Punnetts, after Samson regains consciousness he starts to reason with who only wants his freedom to ascend which the Punnetts had been hindering for many years. After convincing Tina’s parents to let him go Jack manages to release the hold on much to the Totems horror who believes he will be alone once again only to be somewhat violently convinced otherwise by Samson. After the spirit goes free the living Totem and Jack ready to return with Samson, Tina asks if she can go to-to which Samson cheerfully agreed.

Trouble in New Orgonon

Some time later in the Samson household Tina is working on the Robot-X when Jack accidentally restarts it before Tina can fully deactivate its killer programming. With the machine on the rampage Samson is called to deal with it as Tina, Jack and the living Totem who now goes by his human name of Whistle Pig try in vain to stop the machine before Samson can bring it down with a single blow. After learning that one of Samson’s old friends Sam Larouquette, seems to be acting strangely in his ‘new life’. Tina, Jack and Whistle Pig join him to travel out beyond to New Orgonon to see if anything is behind the strange behavior. Upon there arrival Whistle Pig is drawn towards a barn almost uncontrollably until Samson can restrain him. Later on while eating with the members of New Orgonon Samson suddenly lashes out at Jack, throttling him to Tina’s horror who attempts to stop Samson only to be grabbed by him also. Before he can do any real damage Tina is able to call Whistle Pig who manages to interrupt
Who you gonna call?
whatever signal that is coming from the barn, As Tina and Jack open the barn they are confronted with a monster mutant plant called Weed that has been dominating the residents with telepathy. With Samson now under Weeds control Tina and Jack flee with Whistle Pig in order to form a plan. As the servants of the Weed begin to rally for world domination, Tina and Jack return with weed killer and begin to destroy the Weed, with Whistle Pig delivering the final blow, freeing Samson and the rest of the residents from its control.

The Two Samsons

Tina later traveled with Samson, Jack and Whistle Pig to the Consumer Electronics Show in and was recognized as something as a minor celebrity. Unbeknown to the group a Leonard Samson from another dimension had unwittingly unleashed the entity known as Nightmare upon his own world and fallen under his control. Nightmare now had his direction turned towards Earth 616 and sent his Samson after his counterpart at the Show. Tina was the first to fall pray to this evil Samson’s plot as he trapped her within an advanced virtual
 The Running Girl
reality game where he had to battle a dragon and then run from it once she discovered that she was trapped within the game. After the evil Samson deals with Jack and Whistle Pig he makes his move on his doppelganger but Tina had managed to figure out a way out of the game, to kill herself. Having been released Tina then goes looking for the others and manages to find out where they are trapped and using some of her advanced tech frees them from there one armed bandit prison. The three of them then manage to find the two Samson’s who are wired up to a machine and unknown to them are engaging in battle on some sort of astral plain, they manage to free the real Doc Samson just as his battle comes to an end.

Powers & Abilities

Although Tina possesses no super-human attributes she is extremely gifted with technology, managing to perform such feats as hacking into a hyper secure S.H.I.E.L.D network, working on the killer Robot-X without assistance and having a custom backpack containing an array of technical creations.  

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