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Tim Trench was introduced as an ally to Wonder Woman and carried a single gun called "Lulu".  He aided Wonder Woman and I-Ching in defeating the terrorist Doctor Cyber. He would leave after the death of Steve Trevor. 
He would be reintroduced as a younger, trash talking, gumshoe. He was living in St. Louis with an office above a repertory theater. He had abandoned "lulu" for two .357 Mangnums holsred on his shoulders. 
Twenty years later he resurfaced as a member of "Hero Hotline". He wore brown gloves and a hat, green jacket, domino mask, and a shirt with a big red "T". He was caught in traffic during his one mission.  
Tim Trench was found dead in The House of Mystery wearing the helmet of Doctor Fate.  I was revealed that he was a member The Croatoan Society, The members were Ralph Dibney, Detective Chimp, Traci Thirteen, and Edogawa Sangaku. The remaining members investigated that Trench wanted the mantle of Fate without paying due sacrifices. The deception was found later, Felix Faust killed Trench to lead Dibney on a quest.

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