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Brief History

Many of the Heroes of the 1940's are still active today

The company that started it all. The Company was run by Martin Goodman, established in 1939. Ironicly, the very first comic that Timely Comics published was named "Marvel Comics", the name that the company would later take on as their company-name. Timely Comics is famous for creating iconic comicbook characters who are still published to this very day, such as Captain America, the Original Human Torch and Namor. The company published mostly super hero comics untill they no longer became profitabele in the late 1940's. In the 1950's the company changed it's name to Atlas, publishing mostly Horror and Detective comics untill the early 1960's when the company again changed it's name. This time into Marvel Comics, a name that would last and continues to build up on the foundations that where layed here by Timely Comics.

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