His art sucks

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He makes Superman look like Wreck it Ralph when he's Clark and an inflatable when he's Superman. I also saw a picture he drew of Daredevil that looked like a pose Greg Land would draw. I couldn't tell if Matt was about to swim or be drawn like a French girl; it was awful. This guy is like the style of Manapul and Chiang mixed with the talent of Liefeld. And ya wanna know the worst part? Unlike Liefeld, he HAS talent!!!!

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I'm not a fan either. His Catwoman in The Long Halloween looked too masculine.

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You're certainly entitled to your opinion. Me personally, I love his style. His simple effective lines that draw not photorealistic characters, but characters with weight and emotion. The good use of shadows and simple shapes to tell an effective story.

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The weird part is, usually his women aren't that bad. Usually.

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For someone whose work "sucks", he's certainly been successful. And won an Eisner. It's a matter of taste, I guess.

Yes, his Cat Woman is amazingly strong.

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