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612800 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 10:59AM 30 Approved
598430 oceanmaster21 Character Overview 12/31/14 08:25PM 15 Approved
560069 Davistar20 Character Guide 11/05/14 01:39PM 4 Denied
491184 Jayc1324 Character Overview added info on his appearances in batman eternal and death of the family 07/24/14 08:50PM 73 Approved
481401 pikahyper Character Overview 07/11/14 06:46AM 2 Approved
473211 HumanRocket Character Overview Added some updated to the Young Justice section. 06/29/14 09:56PM 95 Approved
438558 Fhiz Character Overview 05/21/14 02:00AM 81 Approved
426286 AmberInsanity Character Overview His age needed to be updated. 05/05/14 09:14PM 2 Approved
403856 devil_woman_24 Character Overview People are getting confused with the fact that is says "At the age of nine" thinking that Tim started as Robin at that age, but Timothy started at the age of thirteen. 04/02/14 10:22PM 16 Approved
403852 devil_woman_24 Character Guide O saw a good guide, not complete though, on a forum of this character and thought that maybe placing it here was the best idea. 04/02/14 10:19PM 738 Denied
395259 MarsUltor Character Overview 03/23/14 11:45AM 16 Approved
341129 RavenVice01 Character Overview 01/19/14 12:03AM 284 Approved
238716 kev17 Character Overview 10/06/13 04:33AM 11 Approved
217338 Fhiz Character Overview 09/20/13 02:35PM 2 Approved
199296 Ver_mont Character Overview 08/30/13 09:28PM 3 Approved
197008 ME24601 Character Overview 08/28/13 11:23AM 33 Approved
194340 danhimself Character Overview the first appearance needs to be changed to Batman #436 08/26/13 06:57AM 1 Approved
180324 RavenVice01 Character Overview 08/11/13 05:18PM 1805 Approved
178113 Alexander505 Character Overview deleted some false information. 08/09/13 10:31AM 6 Approved
153748 Nightw BR Character Overview Added Batman Rise of Sin Tzu also that he was playable game and added Young Justice: Legacy 07/18/13 04:22PM 8 Approved
71129 That60sGuy Character Overview 05/20/13 01:58AM 5 Approved
68794 nightwingnerd Character Overview 05/18/13 08:15AM 5 Approved
65679 nightwingnerd Character Overview 05/16/13 02:12PM 7 Approved
47192 NeffLoveSong Character Overview 05/03/13 11:51AM 7 Approved
2112 thesonofneptune101 Character Overview 03/27/13 10:38PM 20 Approved

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