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Who think Tim should have been the father of Spoiler's baby?

I say it would make thangs more intereating think about what his father Jack or even what Batman would have done to him if he was the father.

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No, that would be wrong.

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@htb106 said:

No, that would be wrong.

Wow, that's, quite a thread necro. I'm surprised anyone would worry about this 4 years later considering Spoiler's current absence from the DCnU. I'm far more concerned about that.

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No. Stephanie Brown is enough trouble on her own, do we really want to add more to that?

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I don't think that Tim should be the father. They had just started dating when Spoiler became pregnant and I like the idea of Tim being the awkward around girls perpetual virgin (at least for a little while). Also the fact that he stuck with her even though the baby wasn't his showed how much she meant to him even though they hadn't been together long.

Things would have gone differently though if he had been and that could have been really interesting. I don't think that Bruce would have really said anything other than pretty much ordering that they would give it up for adoption. I don't know if Tim would have told his father, but if he did I bet Tim would have been sent to boarding school (since that's what his dad did when he heard about him and Ariana). If Tim had been the father they might have kept the baby. Though Bruce would object, I'm sure Alfred and Dick would back them up.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

No. Stephanie Brown is enough trouble on her own, do we really want to add more to that?

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