Tim Drake's Original Costume

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So i randomly thought about how to construct Tim Red and Green suit... and then I thought... I wonder how many people realize his costume is layered. It appears most people, artists and fans alike, don't seem to know this.

If you were to create his costume you would first make a;

Green full body compression tights that are short sleeved with "armor" sewn into the sleeves, lined with lead, and made of nomex.

Then over that you have a red singlet over that made of kevlar or some sort of carbon nanoweave, with armor and ceramic plates sown into the top part with a split in the front

The cape is then made out of nomex and is weighted at the bottom. The collar isn't just aesthetic. It's a steel gorget goes fully around the throat. The opening that many artists put in there is wrong.

The boots have ankle braces and are steel toed, but more importantly are split toed...

The gloves are normal gloves but with armored plates sown into them...

The mask is thought to have some sort of string or something on it a lot of times when people are making it but it's attached via that glue used when applying prosthetics in movies. There is no "eye opening" as it were. They are starlight lenses and the mask actually has electronics that has other lenses in it and also projects data onto the the lens for robin to read. Its connected to some sort of computing devices in the belt.

>.> Noone cares other than me though probably lol

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I like breaking down their costumes. Gives me hopes that someday I can afford to make a real one haha

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@r3d_rob1n said:

I like breaking down their costumes. Gives me hopes that someday I can afford to make a real one haha

You could probably make this costume for a few thousand dollars if you wanted to though I'm not sure how fit you'd need to be to wear it considering the lead and weights.

The most expensive and hardest part of the costume would be the mask due to the electronics and lenses... speaking of the name of that glue that is used in hollywood "Spirit Gum" I just remembered it.

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@Durakken: I've used spirit gum for a Green Lantern mask I made for the movie premiere. Movie was a letdown, but the costume rocked. You have to be careful with Spirit Gum though, as it can mess up your eyes pretty bad if you get some in them

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@r3d_rob1n: Yeah, but not only that if you use it a lot it messes up your skin I hear. I've heard that Micheal Dorn's forehead is messed up from putting on that Worf Klingon Prosthetic nearly daily for 7 years. and he now has to cover it with make up. I wonder if that's true and if it is what some of the superheroes would look like if we applied the damage they'd have from that repeated spirit gum usage for so long.

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Just because something may make more sense that way doesn't make it that way. if all the artists draw the cape with an opening then that's how it is. How can something be what it's never depicted as? I have some drawing of all of Drake's suits. I've been working on a fully fuinctional Nightwing Suit for a while but I want the emblem to be made of a hardened kevlar plate and I don't know who can do that. it's based on the new 52.

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