Tim Drake keeps getting the shaft

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   Tim Drake is by far my favorite DC character.  I love how Batman himself stated that he would be the next batman when bruce was no more! Tim is a bad ass...figuring out who Batman was when he was a kid...BY HIMSELF! I LOVE the Red Robin comic and really enjoy that he is coming into his own.  But, I don't understand why Tim keeps getting screwed over in animated features with Batman.  Dick has plenty as bothe Robin AND Nightwing.  Jason has a movie with him...and yet Tim had only a few episodes in one series!? That's crap in my opinion! I am not the only one that feels he is the BEST Robin Batman has every had, a lot of my friends agree...so why does the spotlight CONTINUALLY shine elsewhere when he is the best? Don't get me wrong, I understand the Grayson thing since he was the first and all that jazz...but it's been so long already...am i right?

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Tim is the shaft.

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huh? Tim was a great Robin

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@Grave Stone said:

huh? Tim was a great Robin

The best there was.
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Tim is the best hand down.  I really don't like Damian.  Red robin is one of my favorite current series.  I'm really interested to see whether he'll stay as Red Robin after Bruce returns in october. 
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Mine too! it is so well done! great art, great story....over all just amazing
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When Bruce finally steps down (if ever), Tim needs to become Batman and put Dick back as Nightwing!
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I agree. Tim is my favorite DC character and hopefully he'll get his due sometime soon.

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  Tim is great and my favorite comic character ever, as seen by my avatar.  Tim already said he doesn't want to become Batman, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be in the Young Justice cartoon!!!!  Dick was never even a member of it!  Also the Tim Drake from that Batman series was in no way Tim, that was Jason Todd all the way!!!

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