Tim Drake and Jason Todd

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Friends in red

I heard that after or during the Night of the Owls thing Jason and Tim started to hang out and joke about their father.

Of you have any stuff you know about this plz comment

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Yeah, they're cool now

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Trash talking alfred FTW!

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Ha that's cool I buy them in trades so I'm not there yet.

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Why not? The DCNU only moderately resembles the DCU. Still, does anybody know where this occurred?

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@PsychoKnights: RHATO #8 I think

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@Shotgun said:

@PsychoKnights: RHATO #8 I think

Wow! Great scene. I can see why people have a tad bit of respect for Lodbell's work on Outlaws now. Thanks for the scans.

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@daredevil21134 said:

Yeah, their cool now

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Wow cool

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Looks like they're about to team up in a few months

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