The wanderer and Tim Drake

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Maybe its just me but could red robin and the wanderer end up a couple, i know it sounds kinda crazy since shes only had a few appearances and that shes only tried to kill tim but talia and bruce is a weird couple and bruce got a new robin out of it. I mean its not going to happan right away she'll try and kill him some more times but eventually become obbessed with him. Is it possible or am i reading too much into nothing? 
EDIT: i meant if she ever lost or was able to control her power then could it happpen.
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i couldnt see tim actually letting her touch his skin willingly. she is too dangerous for him to be comfortable with thast so i dont see that ever happening. she is really hot though
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yh but i was thinking if she got depowered at some pint, what about then?
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he would die if she touched him...

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@comicnerdy said:

"he would die if she touched him... "

I concur and even if by some chance she were able to gain control of this power she is to competitive and hedonistic. She wanted to hunt down Ra's al Ghul for Sport what do you think she would do to Tim if he dated her and then dumped her... 
 Do the words psycho B !*@# mean anything to you (Excuse my language)    
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LOL, wow... I mean, seriously? 
I can see Tim getting together with Pru sooner than he'd get together with the Wanderer chick...

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@Icarusflies said:
" No. "
This. Tim may be a guy that nearly all the ladies want, but its foolish to think The Wanderer and him would be a couple. Lynx has a better chance than her. Not much though.

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