The "Red" Robin

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On the Red Robin/Robin discussion. It bothers me, yet I haven't read any new 52 comics outside of Static and Justice League so my opinion doesn't really matter.

In the new 52, was "red" Robin a nickname Tim developed because his Robin suit lacked the green coloring?

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No. Like Dick Grayson moved onto the title of Nightwing, Tim Drake moved onto the title of Red Robin. Because while he's good, he's too obsessed with Batman to relinquish that title entirely.

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No, robin is and allways will be batman's sidekick when Tim started his own carreer as red robin than he wasn't the sidekick anymore like how dick became nightwing..

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I know the Pre-New 52 story (Tim taking the Red Robin identity after Bruce died and Nightwing made Damien his Robin), I'm just trying to rationalize the current one.

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in the current one i think he is meant to have been red robin from the begining but we will not know more until the #0 come out.

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I don't understand how he is no longer a Robin but his name is Red Robin. A black bear is still a bear.

#7 Posted by Durakken (1930 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't try to rationalize the crap that is DCnU timeline

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Don't worry, in a couple years DC will unveil a massive event which will fix the timelines briding the pre and post flashpoints. It will be like Zero Hour all over again. Obsessing over divided continuity will only give you a headache. Choose the version you like the best, and damn the rest. After all, you are the one who buys the story, interpret it the way that pleases you most.

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