Spoilers: The Dark Knight Rises (No, Drake is not in the movie)

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This is like all SPOILER. If you don't want to see it, turn back now.

I just came out of seeing the movie, and I just wanted to put my thoughts here, as a huge fan of the Tim Drake character. I was just curious as to who else feels like the John Blake character was Nolan's telling of Tim Drake? I see four main connections that seals it in my mind. First is the weakest one, the similarities in name between Blake and Drake. Nothing big there, obviously (with the last name Blake, there was actually a slight moment where I thought he was Catman, though that's not relevant). Two is his promotion to detective in the course of the movie, which I read as a subtle nod to Drake's detective skills. Another weak comparison, I know, and easy to find if you're looking. But I don't see much other reason why he couldn't have just remained a cop for the rest of the movie. The promotion wasn't even a dramatic point like with Gordon's, so I feel it was an intentional move by Nolan for some end. Then come my final two, and biggest reasons. First of the big two: the revelation of his parents' deaths. While the details are changed, the timeline is similar, with his mother dying first, then his father dying when he was older and which he saw. I think that is a powerful connection to the character of Tim Drake that is too big to be ignored, with the only major retelling being that these happened in his normal life, and not when he was Robin (or, in a pun related twist, happened while he was Robin, but then he changed his name). Finally, and most importantly, he figures out who Batman is on his own. He walks into Wayne Manor and just matter of factly states it like it is nothing. Obviously, it is not discovered in the same way, but as an ally (and, more importantly, a Robin) who figures out the identity of Batman, it has to be Drake.

Obviously, none of this has to be fact or agreed upon. But, personally, this interpretation made me enjoy the movie a whole lot more than having Blake an entirely original character. So I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed/agrees with the connections.

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There do seem to be some similarities now that you point it out, however the character's personality doesn't fit with Drake. Tim has never been much of a hothead, as Blake is described in the movie on a number of occasions. I also think that his promotion to detective was simply to allow him to have more scenes with Gordon.

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Maybe you shouldn't put giant arse spoilers in thread titles, just an idea.  
And yes, saying someone isn't in a film is still a spoiler.

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yeah I didn't see anything that resembled Blake being a hot head, just a superior officer not wanting to acknowledge outside contradicting opinions and just using "hot headedness" as an excuse. If he really were hot headed then every time he would have made suggestions and was refuted who could have insisted, but that part in the sewer he just stepped away calmed down and thought, which lead him to remember what happened to the kid which eventually led him to Gordon.

With that in mind Blake is more level headed than he is hot headed.

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The moment Blake said to Wayne "I knew who you were the second I laid eyes on you" I immediately thought it was Tim Drake. Glad I’m not the only one who saw the deciphering of Batman’s identity, detective skills and dead parents as signs that this character was Tim Drake. Seems almost obvious if you know the characters history. I was a little disappointed when Drake said his birth name was "Robin", I guess Nolan didn’t want to commit to a specific character. Movie was near flawless tho. Loved it.

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This never occurred to me, It would be interesting if this was Nolan's intent. I think it's more likely that Blake was something of an Amalgam of the Robin's character traits or Nolan's interpretation of the traits a Robin should have rather than Blake just being a translated version of one of the Robins.

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I was thinking it was more of an amalgam of the first 3 Robins, but it's definitely more Tim Drake than the others. However, Tim Drake was never in an orphanage or in foster care. Wasn't Jason Todd- who was is definitely a hothead, and with the guns of a cop, I was thinking a lot of Jason Todd as well as Tim, and Dick as well since he was the original Robin. I think Blake was a new Robin creation, but there was definitely some inspiration from the other Robin's there.

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@BlackArmor said:

This never occurred to me, It would be interesting if this was Nolan's intent. I think it's more likely that Blake was something of an Amalgam of the Robin's character traits or Nolan's interpretation of the traits a Robin should have rather than Blake just being a translated version of one of the Robins.

Makes sense to me. While I would have loved it if they named him Jason Drake, it would seem a little too obvious and I think Nolan knew fans wanted Robin in the series so he found a way to take the traits of two of the best Robin's and fuse them into one character. Blake was like Dick in the fact he was a cop and in Dick's secret identity he's a cop. Add in he's a great detective like Tim and you got just one big ball of fan service that's not just shoved in your face.

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Personally I think of Blake as a combobulation of Grayson, Todd, and Drake. He just carried a lot of their characteristics. I know this is an unlikely, but who else is dying for a "Nightwing" movie after that last scene? Or at least a movie that features Blake as the main character?

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@josai21: yes he was a combination of the sort. his story was more like Tim. his personality was like Jason. and did anyone else think the little drawling looked more like nightwing's symbol so I have one question for Nolan who is he?

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@serpent222: It's a tribute to all past Robins, as I read somewhere. I think Nolan mentionned it. Blake has some Grayson, Todd and Drake in him.

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