SPOILER (in case you haven't read it): Red Robin 024

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Is it just me or has every male bat-family member been raped?! 
According to some storyline, Talia actually raped Bruce and ta-da! Damian is born.  
According to some interpretation: Dick Grayson (as Nightwing) was raped by Tarantula.  
And now: Tim Drake is the latest victim. In Red Robin 024, he is chained and a naked "daughter of Ra's Al Ghul" stands in front of him saying "and you will live on through the child you are about to give me." and Tim looks at her horrified. What's going on DC? These crime-fighters can take down some of the worldest toughest villians, Bruce Wayne (Batman) could fight Ra's Al ghul to a standstill, but they can't take down a villainess without being sexually assaulted?!

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Who did it happen to first? Bruce or Green Arrow?

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I was thinking the same thing after i read the issue, I mean i know Tim's one of the most (the most, in my opinion) cutest guys in the Comic Universe but come on! Who does this chick think she is? Well, who ever she is i hate her...lol. 
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@Mrs. Tim Drake

The Batman and Talia thing was consensual
unless the enclosed pics looks like rape to you. It happened in Bride of the Demon, and they were married at the time if you can believe it. The pics are from R.I.P., Batman & Son, and Bride of the Demon.
The Dick Grayson thing was rape. He was distraught and just laid there while Tarantula took of his clothes and... you get it. 
I have not read the Red Robin thing.
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nothing's happened yet...he could still get out of it

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@batman_is_god: I'm pretty sure Bruce said that he was drugged or something like drugged at the time in the Batman & Son story arc. 
Unless Bruce doesn't mean that was drugged during that exact moment, he doesn't recall.
Dick has been raped by someone he believed to be Starfire, but was actually someone else in disguise IIRC.
Tim has yet to be raped, but looks like he's about to.
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Bruce wasn't raped. Bruce gave her the business of his own free will. 
And Tim hasn't been raped yet...so...

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@fodigg said:
Who did it happen to first? Bruce of Green Arrow?
Green Arrow
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@cascadeking09: As I said, the two had consensual sex in Bride of the Demon (the pics I posted do not exactly make Bruce seem reluctant). They were married at the time. If it was not consensual, then how could he have cooperated "magnificently"? The drugged remark is Morrison's explanation to why the story has not been mentioned since then, meaning Bruce was drugged sometime after the fact to forget. He used a similar trick in Black Glove. It's his way of trying to make it seem like nothing in the history of Batman books is out of canon except for the stories that are meant to be so, like The Dark Knight Returns. 
The Dick Grayson thing was him laying there, disappointed in himself after he let Tarantula kill another villain.
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I hope Cassandra Cain comes along and kills her..
She's on the cover of the next issue so it's a possibility ;)

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@batman_is_god:O,ok. I thought the drugged thing was him saying that he was drugged at the time so he didn't remember any of that and that's why it looks consensual because he wasn't in his right mind.
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Yeah, the whole Bruce and Talia thing is confusing. That is why i initially wrote "according to some storylines . . ."  
Can't wait for issue 25!!! :D

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@GhostHawk One: He had great "protection" ;)
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lol I really thought the naked chick was Cass at first.

Tim's place at the end of #26 was great. I like how he looks in the new 52 but i really dont want them to lose all that he has done and gained since his creation. Does anyone know if he is getting rewritten all together or if he is just changing costumes like Dick Grayson

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@fodigg said:
Who did it happen to first? Bruce or Green Arrow?
Ollie wasn't raped.

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