New 52 Red Robin Respect Thread (Redone)

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally for the everyone favourite Batman's partner: Tim Drake

Let's take a look at the new Red Robin feats in this new universe:

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Teen Titans 0

At young age he is already considered a prodigy in sciences and gymnastics and even participated in Olympics.

Batman recognizes Timothy's innate detective skills and it perseverance in discovering hissecret identity.

Teen Titans 1

Hacked every defenses agencies around the world and the secret organization known as NOWHERE , whose existence no one was aware of ,just to keep an eye on teenager metahumans.

He was prepared for the case to be eventually tracked or captured.

Deflecting high caliber bullets with his suit and wings.

Teen Titans 2

Red Robin's boots enable it to walk on walls.

Beats up 2 metahuman mercenaries,while dodges energy blasts.

Red Robin's wing is made of a nearly indestructible metal called inertrite,capable withstand Skitter's concentrated acid.

Teen Titans 3

As Batman he is a master of disguise.

Quickly deduces how N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is mind-controlling people and also resists to Detritus mind control fo over 5 minutes.

Teen Titans 5

Knocked out Superboy.

Survives to be electrocuted by his own suit after Superboy triggered it.

Teen Titans 6

Knocked out a police officer with 2 Birdrangs.

Teen Titans 7

Hacks N.O.W.H.E.R.E. computer to gather a plant from their scret base in Antartida and created a plan to invade the place.

Download and erase every info about teenager metahumans from their mainframe.

Teen Titans 8

Omni is impressed with his willpower.

Teen Titans Annual 1

Doges Tyroc's sonic attacks and then suprise it with a explosive.

Manhandle a croc like character and killing Fist Point.

Superboy 9

Gives a back flipping kick to Rose Wilson.

Says to Kid Flash get everyone around to assemble a team capable to macth Harvest.

Ten Titans 9

Tyrock give a telepathic link to to the teams,while Red Robin was leading to defeat Harvest.

Legion Lost 9

Dodges Harvest's missiles.

Teen Titans 11

Dissapear in a blink of an eye.

Teen Titans 12

Dodges wonder Girl's attacks,deduces the armor is bonded with the body and how Superboy could disrupt that connection, also demonstrate the Inertrite wings is capable to cut throught Casie's enchanted armor and skin.

Teen Titans 13

Inertrite wings enables Red Robin to fly at high heights.

Teen Titans 14

Using wings to cut throught Diesel's minions.

Teen Titans 16

Matching skills with Red Hood.

Teen Titans 17

With his own money buying a ship to serve as a new headquaters for the team, the ship is equipped with one of the better security and surveillance systems in the world.

Teen Titans 21

Cutt off teh arm one of the sons of Trigon and flipp back to dodge his blows.

Teen Titans 22

Flying at high speed thrusts its wings into a Trigon's avatar.

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Yeah, reboot or no reboot Tim Drake will always be awesome!

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I'm not coming back into this thread until I've finished reading TT lol

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Tim Drake is awesome

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New 52 Tim Drake is awsome

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did he hook up wit cassie

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Can we just go ahead and all call him John Blake now? LOL

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@sethysquare: in time my time

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Ugh the butthurt.

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@darth_jones: get vaporub or something for that

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I'm pretty sure Tim has new feats...this should get an update....

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@cameron83: Hey mate you're okay?

Batman 0

Before becoming Robin investigated the entire academic body of his own school due to the theft of a huge sum of money and eventually trace the money trail to the school principal, only using a mobile.

Batman and Robin 10

Hold his own against Damian which arguably more skilled than him.

Batman and Robin 12

Beating the Bat-freaks alongside Nightwing,Damian and Red Hood.

The Fury of Firestorm 17

Bombs Firestorm.

Forever Evil 2

Fearlessly Timothy lead the Teen Titans against the crime Syndicate,so they can rescue Nightwing.

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Damn Tim's a beast. I know New 52 Teen Titans have their flaws, but damn Tim's a beast.

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i dont understand how lobdell did such a good job with the outlaws but such a bad job with the titans

i love jason sooooo much more since the new 52 started but with tim drake it seemed so much like a regression of character to me

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This thread should be framed in a gallery in hell. I lose respect at a fundamental level for anyone who thinks New52 "Tim Drake" or New52 Teen Titans is not a complete abomination. This is gross.

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@jorelliot: "This thread should be framed in a gallery in hell. I lose respect at a fundamental level for anyone who thinks New52 "Tim Drake" or New52 Teen Titans is not a complete abomination. This is gross."


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So, is this going to be updated, or...

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@batmarcus: @urbanchill: @darth_jones: @ancient_0f_days: @lazyboy93: @corruptedowl: Scans

Batman and Frankenstein 31

Timothy have learned how to stitch back Frankenstein limb by limb

Batman Eternal 5

Perceive Batman's presence

Deduces the kids at Gotham Museum and Narrows wasn't affect by Pig's toxins,but rather triggered nanobots swarm that are on their bodies.

Red Robin's suits can make enviromental read outs.

While struggles against nanobots swarm manages to hack it and put in offline mode.

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I hate the retcons to Tim. Even so I'd read the hell out of his stories if they were anywhere other than Teen Titans.

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He's had some good action in more TT. Don't like the series, but they were still cool...

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@matchesmalone21: There's not much for me to contribue here; you've pretty much got it covered. After issue #28 RR doesn't really do much in Teen Titans.

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@matchesmalone21: I can probably do Wonder Girl but I don't really like her lol

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@conradoaccorsi@smoothjammin: @longbowhunter: @corruptedowl: @kazuma_bushi:

Secret Origins 3

Hack a ATM using a laptop to move money from Cobblepot's bank account to the charity.

Batman Eternal 12

Red Robin suit have a integrated computer systems as Batsuit.

Batman Eternal 13

Red Robin have builded his own supercomputer.

Teen Titans Vol 5 2

As Batman owns boots to walk on walls.

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@darktiger: More scans

Batman Eternal 25

Red Robin suit's suspender can be used to string people.

Teen Titans 3

Acrobatically dodge energy blasts.

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