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I made a stupid comment a few days ago, directed at Tim Drake fans. I was jerky because fans of Tim Drake, and generally all the fans of pre 52 DC were in my opinion (at the time) overly sensitive toward even the most miniscule of changes. People got upset because he went straight to being Red Robin, and I didn't care about their perspective. I apologize for that comment. I can't keep posting like that if I want myself to be taken seriously on this site. I was never in your positions; Having spent hundreds of dollars, and years overseeing some of my favorite characters, only to see them and their histories wiped clean from the DC continuity. My real life friend was in that situation, and gave me a hard time about it just yesterday. I could have posted a more sensitive comment. Who knows if Tim Drake will ever go back to having the personality he had before the new continuity?

There are things I'd like to see done within DC, and characters whose comics I want to read, but DC isn't publishing them, so I have to read what I can featuring any characters I find interesting. There aren't many for me, and that is part of the reason I felt anger toward pre 52 fans (not AARGH!!! I WANT TO BEAT YOU UP anger, but more of a feeling of being annoyed. Constantly). That anger still resides in me, but that is an issue I have to take up with DC, not you guys.

The world keeps spinning.


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This is a very mature post, it's very hard to admit you've done wrong, especially this far down the line. On behalf of all Tim fans, thank you very much. I understand and sympathize with your situation, we all have something we want done with characters that never quite come to fruition, and you would think the dcnu would be the perfect place to realize those dreams.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I have had, and still have a lot of school work to do. And of course, it took a while for me to come to my senses. But whatever. They said Fabian Nicieza wrote Tim Drake well before the New 52 started. I hope he does well with Batwing starting next week.

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Some faith in humanity has been restored! lol

Seriously though, its awesome to see some maturity on the internet.

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