More continuity problems with the New 52

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Well this obviously specifically addresses Timbo so ignore the broad title choice. Anyhow! Why is it that in Teen Titans #1 just before Tim's confronted by NOWHERE, he's holding a photo of him and Bats. In the photo he's wearing his "Mourning" Costume (the red and black one)..... I thought he only wore it because of Kon's death and yet Kon wasn't even released from his tank-mother (xD sorry) when Tim was Robin during this New 52 business.

Yes. I'm confused, anyone else?

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He probably just likes those colors this time around this may even have been his first costume

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Maybe he just always wore the red and black costume, maybe his father died earlier and he was mourning him instead. It isn't really a continuity problem yet.

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Something like this is only a problem if you let it be problem. I personally, for example, have only seen Tim Drake in his red and black Robin uniform, so to me it doesn't bother or feel like it messing with the current continuity.

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Hah. Well when you all put it that way, yeah, makes sense. Still...that was kinda why I liked that costume more, because of the reason and all.

So it's pretty lame to me, at least. :/

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One of the robin issues I read showed that he wore this costume because when he left with Bruce and Dick to travel around the world so Bruce can find himself again no criminal was really scared of a teenager wearing bright colors looking like a fairy. So he updated it to have that fear effect. I remember Dick made fun of Tim for it because he still had the underwear on the outside. It was Robin #176 during Batman R.I.P.

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@EscGamer: Thanks!

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he was probably mourning his dad or maybe he just wore it all the time.

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