How old is Tim Drake?

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15? 16? 17? 18 maybe?

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I think in his Red Robin series he was close to 17.

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New rule: never, ever ask questions about age/timeline in the New 52 continuity.

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Pre-Flashpoint was 17 if I'm not wrong and now, well timeline is f*cked so who knows *shrugs*

@DarthShap said:

New rule: never, ever ask questions about age/timeline in the New 52 continuity.

Exactly, timeline is REALLY F*CKED and I mean it; I just try to pretend timeline isn't wrong :o

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He should be 21.

He was supposedly born in 1991... even though his first appearance was 2 years before 1991.

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Dick Grayson's currently 21-ish, so Tim should be somewhere around the 17-ish mark, yeah?

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@Mercy_: Nooo, shush shush shush. Tim is over 20... yeah. DEFINITELY OVER 20. He just can't be nearly 10 years younger than me!! HE SIMPLY CANNOT. RULE.

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new 52, he looks 16

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@X35: Oh....I get you ;)

Tim is most certainly around the 21-24 age...wink wink.

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@Mercy_: Now if only they could rename Teen Titans to "Teen (and Upwards) Titans"

i feel like such a Demi Moore. >.<

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@X35: They have, they dropped the Teen

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about 17 or 16.

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Red Robin he was 17 approaching 18 because he had to be emancipated. New 52 he's 16 albeit mature enough for a 17 year old Wonder Girl

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Tim Drake was 24 pre-flash point

He is now 16 i believe post-flash point

Here is the pre-flashpoint timeline of Batman that i wrote a while ago... Tim Drake is 13 in Year 13 when he is introduced.

Year 0 = Superman's Debut

Year 1 = Batman: Year One (Batman debuts at age 25)

Year 2 = Joker's Debut

Year 3 = Dick Grayson at age 12 debuting as Robin and the JLA with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman forms

Between year 3 and 4 Batwoman I and Bat-Girl debuts

Year 4 = Barbara at age 16 debuts as Batgirl and Teen Titans form

Year 5 = Guy Gardner becomes GL

Year 6 = JLA get satellite HQ

Year 7 = Teen Titans disband. Ra's first encounter

Year 8 = Titans reform, Barbara elected to congress

Year 9 = Titans disband, Dick and Bruce part ways, Titans reform

Year 10 = Batman leaves JLA and forms Outsiders

Year 11 = Dick becomes Nightwing, Jason debuts as Robin II, Crisis on Infinite Earths

Year 12 = Killing Joke happens and Death in the Family happens

Year 13 = Barbara becomes Oracle, Tim becomes Robin III, Death of Superman... Bruce is 38 at this point

Year 14 = Reign of Supermen, Knight Saga, Kyle Rayner debuts as GL, and Zero Hour

Year 15 = Contagion and Cataclysm and Final Night

Year 16 = No Man's Land which debuts Cassandra Cain who becomes Batgirl III (Huntress is Batgirl II)

Year 17 = Lex becomes President

Year 18 = Bruce framed for Murder

Year 19 = HUSH, War Games, Identity Crisis

Year 20/21 = Infinite Crisis (Bruce is age 45) and 52 occurs... the starting point is mid year.

Year 22 = Batman RIP, Final Crisis, Battle for the Cowl.

Year 23 = Dick as Robin and Tim as Red Robin

Year 24 = Flashpoint... Bruce is between 49 and 51 at this point depending on when his birthday is (In February) and when Flashpoint happens...and whether age 25 was at the beginning of Year one or at the end... Because it takes place over the course of a year.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

new 52, he looks 16

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@Durakken: That's a pretty good time line. I've seen quite a few like that online, and yours is one of the better ones.probably more accurate than anything dc keeps around

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Pre-Reboot: What I think.

Bruce becomes Batman25
Dick becomes Robin289
Dick is Fired3419
Jason Becomes Robin34.519.515
Jason Dies362116.5
Tim Becomes Robin36.521.51713
Dick becomes Batman w/ Tim as Robin38.523.51915
Bruce dies and Dick becomes Batman w/ Damian as Robin40.525.5211710

My Proof

Wait. I need proof???

Post Reboot: Lobdell stated that he was either 16 or 17. I guess even the writers don't know.

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Though your timeline is more realistic as to how much can really happen in a year no more than 4 years passed between your year 13 and year 23.

When Tim was Red Robin (RR #12) he became an emancipated minor meaning he couldn't have been more than 17 at the time.

I don't when Damian was conceived and if he grew up at a normal rate or not, but that could possibly be a way of finding out characters ages in relation to him and what was happening when he was concieved.

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In the New 52 he has to be 16 or 17

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@saturnssailor said:

Pre-Reboot: What I think.

Bruce becomes Batman25
Dick becomes Robin289
Dick is Fired3419
Jason Becomes Robin34.519.515
Jason Dies362116.5
Tim Becomes Robin36.521.51713
Dick becomes Batman w/ Tim as Robin38.523.51915
Bruce dies and Dick becomes Batman w/ Damian as Robin40.525.5211710

My Proof

Wait. I need proof???

Post Reboot: Lobdell stated that he was either 16 or 17. I guess even the writers don't know.

I'm sure in most cases, despite what Year One says, Bruce was 18-22 when he became Batman and not 25. The whole "he did a stint in the FBI" thing doesn't seem to get much focus.

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@saturnssailor: While you might think that is the case, it is not.

When Tim is introduced he is 13 and it is a half year before he becomes Robin

The Knight Saga is know to take a year

No Man's Land takes a year

One year later is a year

The Red Robin comics take place over at least a year and there are dates in there that state the length as slightly longer

If we take these as minimum 4.5 years has past make him no less than 17.5 years old.

However, throughout the Robin books and other titles we are given dates (like him being in each year of HS) and explanations as to why he was in High School for so long, like transfering back and forth between several schools, schools be closed, etc.

He was not "emancipated." What you are mistaking for emancipation is him getting his GED which freed him from having to worry about High School any more. Adding his High School info in Knight Saga is the only one that happened while he was in HS and he was in HS for 4 years+NML so you have to add 3 years onto that 17.5 which makes him 20.5 at minimum.

I'm not trying hard and I'm up above your minimum easily.

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In the scan to the left from Red Robin #12, Tim clearly states "Two things happened today, Ra's. The first is that I became an emancipated minor."

It was less the emancipated part that I was focusing on than the "minor." However the fact the he is referred to as an emancipated minor shows that he definitely meant the term "minor" to be the definition by US Law which since 1995 has been someone under the age of 18.

Another way to track his age is Sebastian Ives, one of his friends and schoolmates. At the beginning of the Red Robin series it is shown that they have Math class together. You can assume that they are seniors as the class is calculus which has a majority of seniors taking it (though some juniors do too). Ives was in Robin #1 at the very beginning of the Knight saga and while No Man's Land might have affected him (if he didn't get out quickly which I think he did) the others wouldn't have. So Ives would have been a maximum of 1 year behind which means Tim would have been the same.

This is easily doable as Tim could have taken home study/home school/online classes during One Year Later (and I think he came back early from that anyways) and he wasn't in No Mans Land for the entire thing.. Also the Red Robin comics were only 26 issues long and in Red Robin #10, Vicki Vale states that "[Tim hadn't] attended for weeks". She was trying to make it sound as bad as possible so in all likeliness he had been gone for less than a month at that point ( If it had been more she would have said "in over a month"), but to stay on the safe side lets call it 9 weeks which is just barely under being able to say months. If you assume that it moves at the same rate after that too. 10 weeks for 10 issues means 26 weeks for 26 issues, about a half year.

For what age Tim was when he entered school... If you use the fact that Tim's birthday is July 14th and assume that Gotham is not located in Indiana or Missouri. Tim would have started school in August when he was 5 years and 1 month old. Then he would have entered his freshman year of high school at age 14 (and 1 month). This means that Knight fall probably happened when Tim was a freshman (further supported by the fact that he couldn't drive as "Tim"). I don't have any scans showing how long Knight fall lasted so I'll take your word that it was a year. Do you know where it states that length of time for Knight Fall?


Tim introduced= 13

Tim becomes Robin= 13.5

Knight Fall= 14-15 (Freshman)

No Mans Land= 15-16 (Sophomore w/ online or summer classes to catch up)

One Year Later= 16-17 (Junior)

Red Robin= 17-17.5 (Senior)

tl;dr: In RR #12 it states that Tim is a minor so 17 or under. He has his friend Ives who was in the same grade as him from KF-RR. Tim was a freshman in KF and a senior in RR.

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@saturnssailor: I'm sorry, but while I get where you are coming from that writer is wrong about the age of Tim. Part of the problem is that as Tim gets older people don't want him to age or don't realize he is older, like most people think Batman is in his 30s somehow. If you go through and read each issue and each event it is clear that the characters are older than some of the people say they are. So I don't go just by what people state in one instance but everything I've read.

Another thing to consider is that a will can not emancipate anyone nor would Tim be allowed to run Wayne Enterprises if he was a minor.

As far as the date of Knight Fall i forget where it says how long it lasts but somewhere I do remember Bruce saying "year long recovery" afterwards or during the latter parts.

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@saturnssailor: Dick and Jason both 11 or 12 when thy became robin. The rest looks OK.

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Pretty sure it was said he was 17.

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You can really nicely see how messed up the ages are when you compare the ages of Tim Drake and Lonnie Machin (Anarky).

Both had their first appearance around the same time Tim as a 13 year old in Batman #440 (October 89), Lonnie as a 12 year old in Detective Comics #606 (November 89). In Anarky vol 2 it is said that Lonnie was 16 when the Earthquake destroyed Gotham, Tim on the other hand was still 15 in Bruce Wayne: Murderer?.

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In "Joker's Wild", (2nd mini series) he's not old enough to get a driving license. So 14 or 15. After that he starts driving the Red Bird (he chases Azrael, Red Bird to Batmobile, so Knightfall is closing up) He's mostly in High School so throughout the 90s, he ages 4 years. 15 to 16 to 17 to maybe 18 (whereas the Kid from Metropolis/Hawaii got stuck at 16, forever) Oh, and that time with Klarion. That was important. As well as Titans Tomorrow. I like this thread. Thanks for bringing it up. YJ rocks!

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Then again, canon vs non-canon, I suppose a perfect answer is "Well, he's a comic book character. He'll be as old as you want him to be, but usually a young adult, a teenager at the mid-to-higher end of his teens

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I made here a very long post about the ages of the Batfamily Members.

With Tim it comes down to this:

  • he was 13 when he first appeared
  • 14 at the time of the second Mini series (he is shown to be in 9th grade)
  • its hard to pin down when he turned 15, probably either during the third miniseries or around Knight Fall
  • he became 16 arround Hush (so he was probably 15 during most of his Robin career)
  • he was 17 when he was Red Robin

But if you look how much time passed must have passed since he became Robin with in the Comics (most of the Big Events like Knight Fall or No Man's Land had a duration of 1 year within the universe) he should be probably above 20.

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